10 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels For Your Classic Car (2023)

Starting to replace any original pieces on a classic car can be difficult. However, there are great aftermarket options designed to make delicate upgrades. Sometimes, the replaced parts will even increase safety, add new functionality, or make the car more enjoyable to drive. With our top 10 aftermarket steering wheels guide, we give you some great options for high-quality products. You can decide if the steering wheel should fit right into the retro look of your classic car – or make a nice upgrade. We give you both classic wooden steering wheels, retro looks for the 60-70s American muscle car, and more modern options both for an updated classic look and for the race track.

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1. MOMO Steering Wheel Heritage Indy Mahogany10 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels For Your Classic Car (1)

MOMO is a well-known name in racing. The company was founded in 1964 by Italian race car driver Gianpiero Moretti and started producing steering wheels. Today, MOMO also produces rims, gear knobs, and other accessories for racing cars, street, and heritage vehicles. Together with Rod Emory, they have just launched a special collection of Heritage 5 concept steering wheels. This collection is specifically developed for the Emory Motorsports’ Porsche 365 RSR. A favorite from the collection is the Heritage Indy Mahogany wood steering wheel. The retro-inspired design with beautiful mahogany wood has a glossy finish, aluminum spokes, and finger grooves on the backside of the wheel. This is a high-quality product with a stylish look suitable for most classic cars. Plus, the MOMO logo will give you extra credit on the track.

SHOP HERE / $299.95 USD

2. Nardi Classic with wood and black spokes

10 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels For Your Classic Car (2)

Nardi also has its roots in Italian motorsports. The company was founded in 1946 by Enrico Nardi who was the first test driver at Ferrari. Today, Nardi specializes in classic and sports steering wheels and have been the supplier of some of the world’s top car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini. Their collection of aftermarket steering wheels include several lines specifically designed for classic cars. From the Classic Line is this gorgeous wooden steering wheel with black spokes and a black aluminum ring. Made in Italy and in 100% genuine wood, the steering wheel has a great authentic feel. After years of use, it will get a beautiful patina. In conclusion, this is an investment that will make you smile every time!

SHOP HERE / $410.30 USD

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3. NRG Innovations Classic Black Wood grain steering wheel

10 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels For Your Classic Car (3)

NRG was founded in 2003 in California and has a background from the car tuning scene. The company is very active in racing with both their own cars and sponsored vehicles. Therefore, they focus on manufacturing high-quality products that are strong enough to be used for competition. The NRG product line includes both interior and exterior products. For the steering wheels, they offer short hubs with quick-release that mounts in the same location as the original wheel. In addition to their modern series, they also offer vintage wood grain steering wheels and a collection of colored models. From the Colored Wood Series is this Classic Black Wood Grain Wheel with a solid spoke center in black chrome. This is the perfect choice if you want to keep the classic feel of a wooden steering wheel but prefer a modern all-black look.

SHOP HERE / $142.73 USD

4. Sparco Suede in black

10 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels For Your Classic Car (4)

Sparco was created in 1977 by a team of two young racecar drivers who wanted to offer safer products. At the time, major accidents were, unfortunately, part of the motorsport’s scene. When FIA decided to take action, Sparco took part in revolutionizing the safety measures that we know today. Sparco has since then grown to a world-renowned name in racing and karting. They offer a wide range of products from safety equipment, clothing, performance parts and lifestyle products. This great-looking suede steering wheel is part of the racing collection and the top-quality material ensures a good grip. The all-black model is a more modern and subtle choice. You can, however, also opt for a racing edition with the classic Sparco logo in yellow and the iconic yellow stripe.

SHOP HERE / $259.95 USD

5. OMP 3 Spokes Flat for off-road

10 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels For Your Classic Car (5)

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OMP Racing is an Italian company founded in 1973. Today, they are a world leader in safety equipment for race cars where their products are used in Formula 1 and World rally Championships. Their entire collection features more than 2,000 products – most of them FIA approved. The line of steering wheels is designed to improve performance and built to last. The Back SAND 3 spokes flat steering wheel is designed for off-road cars and has a round handgrip in high-quality synthetic leather. The classic pattern of the spokes and the all-black design is a design that will fit most cars. In addition, the yellow OMP logo adds a cool race-feel that will be recognized by motorsports fans.

SHOP HERE / $144.49 USD

6. MOMO Retro Leather

10 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels For Your Classic Car (6)

Another favorite from Italian MOMO is the Retro Steering wheel. The retro-inspired design is made from black top-grain leather with white stitching. Thanks to the silver spokes with their classic pattern, this is the perfect choice for many classic car models. If you want to take the steering wheel to the next level, MOMO even offers customization. Here, you can customize everything from leather or color – or even choose to engrave your own signature.

SHOP HERE / $219.95 USD

7. Grant Challenger Steering Wheel

10 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels For Your Classic Car (7)

The Grant Company based in Texas has an automotive heritage dating back to 1922. They manufacture a complete line of custom steering wheels for the automotive aftermarket. In addition, they even offer special products for racing, golf cars, and utility vehicles, the marine industry, heavy-duty trucks, and motorhomes. The Challenger Series features Grant’s exclusive dual-plane spoke design. The 3-dimensional hi-tech dual-plane 4-spoke design is a strong construction. It has a decorative eight bolt pattern around the horn button (beneath is a three-bolt set-up) and matte black steel spokes. Finally, the cool-looking modern steering wheel has a black cushioned foam grip that ensures good handling.

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SHOP HERE / $58.08 USD

8. GT Performance Retro Leather

10 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels For Your Classic Car (8)

California-based GT Performance is a new name in the industry. Nonetheless, their team of experts has over 40 years of experience in aftermarket steering wheel design and manufacturing. They specialize in performance products and offer a wide range of aftermarket steering wheels. Designs range from classic and retro to pro-touring and competition. Part of the GT Retro Wheels collection is our favorite the GT3 Retro Leather steering wheel. This design is made with a Mustang style – perfect for your classic muscle car. The wheel has an extra thick leather grip with “baseball stitch” for maximum comfort and brushed finish spokes with four chamfered lightening holes. A classic steering wheel with an elegant finish.


9. Flashpower Classic Wood

10 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels For Your Classic Car (9)

Flashpower is based in Arizona and specializes in billet steering wheels for hot rods, classic cars and performance GM and Ford vehicles. The products are designed in the US and manufactured in China using top-quality aluminum with a polished or black anodized finish. The company also reproduces original wheels for Porsche, Jaguar, GM, Opel GT and Aston Martin. However, the billet and classic collections are compatible with all car brands. One of our favorites is the Flashpower Classic Wood steering wheel made for muscle car restoration. It’s made from walnut wood and has brushed stainless spokes with smooth edges. The direct mount fits on an original 6-bolts adapter.


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10. Sparco Sanremo Mahogany wood

10 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels For Your Classic Car (10)

In addition to the above aftermarket racing steering wheels, Sparco also offers a model with a much more classic design. A design that is specifically made for older vehicles. The Sanremo steering wheel has a round grip and is made of natural painted mahogany wood. It has aluminum rivets and three polished aluminum spokes. In the center is the recognizable Sparco-logo in white/black surrounded by 6 bolts. In addition, “Sparco” is also engraved into one of the spokes. This is a great vintage-looking option for the classy racing enthusiast who wants a high-quality steering wheel.

SHOP HERE / $329.95 USD

10 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels For Your Classic Car (11)

After selecting your favorite steering wheel, don’t forget to also get a steering wheel adapter (boss kit)! This will ensure a much easier and smooth installation. Good luck and ‘get out and drive’!

10 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheels For Your Classic Car (12)Top 10 Retro Motorcycle Gloves

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Are aftermarket steering wheels worth it? ›

If you enjoy optimizing every nook and cranny of your race car's interior, then aftermarket steering wheels are definitely worth considering. Stock steering wheels are practical and comfortable. They don't need replacing unless they're too large or if you're going for a dedicated race-car build.

What is the best size steering wheel? ›

Production cars without power steering normally use 350mm but some cars with very light steering will work okay with 320-330mm. Power steered cars will use 320-330 but smaller can work. Six-bolt wheels for use with a boss kit can go as small as 280mm and as large as 380mm.

Is it better to have a bigger or smaller steering wheel? ›

If you're planning to use your vehicle as a road car, then a regular sized steering wheel is likely the right wheel for you. Alternatively, if it's going to be used on a race track, then you might consider a smaller steering wheel for increased comfort and more room in the racing cockpit.

Can you put a newer steering wheel on an older car? ›

As long as there's no airbag, and no other electrical connections (cruise control, radio, etc) then it should be pretty easy to change as long as you get a replacement designed for the car. You may not have a large-enough socket to get the nut off, but there shouldn't be any other special tools required.

Is a thicker steering wheel better? ›

A thick steering wheel rim helps maintain the smoothness of the steering operation, especially when you are on highways or driving on rough terrain. It gives a better handgrip and decreases pressure on your fingers.

Do wider tires affect steering? ›

Yes. The wider tire has a larger surface in contact with the road and it has to twist when turning and makes more friction.

What is the best steering ratio? ›

Typical automotive steering ratios range from about 24:1 with manual steering to about 14:1 with power steering assist. The higher the steering ratio, the easier it is to turn the wheel and steer the vehicle. The lower the ratio is, the more effort is needed at the steering wheel.

What are the 3 types of steering? ›

There are three basic types of power steering systems found in vehicles: the hydraulic power steering (HPS), the electric power hydraulic steering (EPHS), and the fully electric power steering (EPS). Electric and electronic power steering both refer to the same system.

Which car has the smoothest steering wheel? ›

The best cars with light steering
  • Honda Jazz.
  • Citroen C3 Aircross.
  • Peugeot 3008.
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia.
  • Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport.
  • Lexus RX.
  • Range Rover.
  • Ferrari 488 GTB.

What is the best all around car ever made? ›

Top 10 Greatest Cars of All Time
  • Benz Motorwagen. ...
  • Waverly Electric. ...
  • Ford Model T. ...
  • VW Beetle. ...
  • Cord L-29. ...
  • Ford 150 Pickup Truck. ...
  • Oldsmobile F-88. ...
  • BMC Mini.

Should your steering wheel come higher than your shoulders? ›

The top of the wheel should be lower than your shoulders, your arms are relaxedTake a few moments to ensure that all of the vehicle's available adjustments are customized so that you are in a comfortable position before you begin to drive.

Why do old cars have big steering wheels? ›

Before power steering became common, steering wheels were much larger in diameter than they are now — to help maximize the driver's leverage when trying to turn the wheels.

Why are old steering wheels so thin? ›

The size of the wheel is down to the fact older cars had no power steering. You needed as much help in turning the wheel as possible, so the bigger it is the more manageable the car is at low speeds. Once power steering is the norm the wheel can get much smaller.

Do aftermarket steering wheels make a difference? ›

Do aftermarket steering wheels make a difference? Yes. It's more than aesthetics. Changing the diameter, construction and materials of a steering wheel can make a huge difference in the driving experience.

Will new tie rods help steering? ›

Tie rods help your vehicle in terms of steering. Tie rods have two parts, an inner and outer end. The tie rod works with the Ball joint in converting force from the steering center link to the steering “knuckle.” Simply put, the tie rods help with steering smoothly and the front end alignment of your vehicle.

Is it illegal to have an aftermarket steering wheel? ›

Are these aftermarket steering wheels illegal? If you have a car that didn't come with an airbag from the factory, which is typically cars made before the early 90s, then you can legally change your steering wheel to an aftermarket one.

What is the strongest material for wheels? ›

Forged wheels

Some of the strongest wheels on the market are formed by the art of forging aluminium. This is done by subjecting a billet of material to a ridiculous amount of heat and around 900 bar of pressure, crushing the metal into an extremely dense and immensely strong wheel.

Are forged wheels stronger than steel wheels? ›

Advantages of Forged Wheels

The forging process makes these wheels stronger, more durable and more resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Additionally, the wheel's structural integrity is not compromised. Forged wheels tend to have greater overall vehicle performance and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Who makes good racing wheels? ›

Best racing wheels
  • Thrustmaster T300 RS. Powerful racing. ...
  • Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition. Viva Italia. ...
  • Logitech G923. A racing wheel ready for next-gen consoles. ...
  • Logitech G29. An oldie but a goodie. ...
  • Logitech G290. Higher-end parts at no extra cost. ...
  • Thrustmaster T-GT. ...
  • Thrustmaster T150. ...
  • Thrustmaster TMX.
25 Jul 2022

How fat should you be from the steering wheel? ›

The US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration recommend that drivers maintain distance of least 250 mm (10 inches) from the steering wheel to reduce risks associated with airbag deployment.

Why should you be 10 inches from the steering wheel? ›

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that roughly 10 inches or further is an optimal distance between a driver and their steering wheel, due to the amount of power that an airbag can produce when it deploys, this will help keep you safe.

What makes a steering wheel stronger? ›

Inadequate fluid is the reason makes hard and stiff steering. Thus, you need to keep the fluid at accurate full level and the color should be a dark red. If you observe that the fluid color is too dark and old, it's time for you to change the fluid.

What size tire gives the smoothest ride? ›

Smaller wheel = smoothest ride quality, low stability, predictable handling, average road noise. Medium wheel = average ride quality, average stability, predictable handling, low road noise.

How can I make my car steering more responsive? ›

Rotating tyres regularly, and keeping down the uneven wear, helps to bring a better steering response. The inflation level of the tyres should be appropriate and upto mark. If this is not so, then the control of the vehicle is compromised, and so is the steering.

What happens if wheels are too wide? ›

If the rim width is too wide, you run the risk of the tire ripping away at high speed. For 50-series tires and above, the rim width is 70% of the tire's section width, rounded off to the nearest 0.5.

What is the most important steering rule? ›

Both hands should be placed outside of the steering wheel on opposite sides. Your grip should be firm, yet gentle. Use your fingers instead of the palms of your hands and keep your thumbs up along the face of the steering wheel. Never turn the wheel while gripping it from the inside of its rim.

What is perfect steering? ›

Thus, the condition for correct steering is that all the four wheels must turn about the same instantaneous centre. The axis of the inner wheel makes a larger turning angle than the angle subtended by the axis of outer wheel.

What gear ratio is best for highway? ›

Rear end gears (2.79's, 3.00's, 3.25's, etc) are great for freeway driving, bit not good for 0-60 MPH or accelerating from a dead stop. Shorter gears (higher numbers) are much better suited for accelerating, such as 3.55, 3.73, 3.91's, 4.11's etc. Always remember, for very “give” there is a “take”.

What is 4 wheel steering called? ›

It's been almost 20 years since General Motors introduced a four-wheel steering system called Quadrasteer.

What is crab steering? ›

CrabWalk is a 4-Wheel Steering setting that allows the angle of the rear wheels to mimic the angle of the front wheels up to a certain angle (10 degrees). This allows you to move your vehicle diagonally.

What are the 2 steering techniques? ›

There are two methods of steering a motor vehicle that demonstrate correct steering wheel technique. These are the pull-push steering method and the hand-over-hand method. Your Driving Instructor should assist in deciding which method is most suitable for you.

What car has the sharpest turning radius? ›

Cars with the tightest turning circles
  • Renault Twingo.
  • Toyota iQ.
  • Smart ForTwo.
  • Mazda MX-5.
  • Honda e.
  • Fiat 500.
  • BMW i3.
  • Volkswagen Touareg.
4 Aug 2022

What is the smoothest engine? ›


So what's so special about the straight-six? Advantages: The straight-six is Inherently balanced. The layout combined with its firing order leads to essentially the smoothest engine out there.

What car is hardest driving? ›

Here are some tips from the pros so you can be as familiar as our expert drivers who park these cars every day.
  • Dodger Hellcat Challenger. This beast of a machine weighs in at 4,449 pounds and is more like driving a boat than a car. ...
  • Porsche Cayman – ...
  • Cadillac CTS-V. ...
  • Lamborghini Countach. ...
  • TVR Sagaris. ...
  • But We Still Park Them!
11 Apr 2022

What is the most reliable car engine ever made? ›

So here we are to show you the most reliable engines ever made.
  • 8/10 Honda B Series Engine.
  • 7/10 Honda K Series Engine.
  • 6/10 Lexus 1UZFE Engine.
  • 5/10 Lexus 2UR-GSE Engine.
  • 4/10 BMW M57 Diesel Engine.
  • 3/10 Nissan RB26DETT Engine.
  • 2/10 Mercedes-Benz OM617 Diesel Engine.
  • 1/10 General Motors LS Engine.
5 Jan 2022

Which car brand has the longest-lasting engine? ›

Toyota vehicles are known for their longevity, and they are proven to last longer than any other brand. Toyotas are built so well they have below-average maintenance and repair costs, which helps contribute to why they remain on the road for so long.

What is the most problematic car brand? ›

The study specifically pertains to US-delivered vehicles.
Tesla, Jeep, Genesis, and Volkswagen among the most unreliable car brands – report.
24 more rows
24 Nov 2021

What brand of car has the least amount of problems? ›

The most reliable car brands - and the least
  • Kia. Reliability rating: 95.8% ...
  • Mazda. Reliability rating: 95.9% ...
  • Mitsubishi. Reliability rating: 96.9% ...
  • Dacia. Reliability rating: 97.3% ...
  • Lexus. Reliability rating: 98.7% ...
  • Alfa Romeo. Reliability rating: 86.5% ...
  • Land Rover. Reliability rating: 82.5% ...
  • Fiat. Reliability rating: 82.0%
6 Aug 2022

What is the safest car on earth? ›

Top 10 Safest Cars In World
  • Genesis G70. Genesis G70 is a low-cost sports sedan with high scores on various crash tests. ...
  • Mazda 3. Looking for outstanding performance and safety? ...
  • Toyota Camry. ...
  • Honda Accord. ...
  • Hyundai Tucson. ...
  • Kia K5. ...
  • Subaru Legacy. ...
  • Honda Insight.
16 Aug 2022

What is the best direct drive steering wheel? ›

The best overall direct drive racing wheel is the Fanatec DD1. It combines extreme performance, wide compatibility at a reasonable price range. However, there may be better suited direct drive wheel bases for your needs.

Can you put any steering wheel on any car? ›

Not all aftermarket steering wheels fit all cars. There are big differences in steering column construction and the main bolt which holds the wheel. Before buying the replacement, search the web for more details, dimensions and specifications.

Do Universal steering wheels fit any car? ›

All steering wheels on our website are universal and will fit any vehicle, but you will need the correct hub/boss adapter specific to your car or vehicle to install it.

What makes a steering wheel illegal? ›

Answer: There is no law specifically related to steering wheel size. The only issue would be if the mounting of the steering wheel is secure which could become an "unsafe equipment" violation. It would be unsafe to replace the original steering wheel with one without an airbag.

How do I know if my steering wheel will fit my car? ›

As said earlier, the sizes of wheels fall into a range. So, the covers that will fit each of their sizes can be determined using a measuring tape. The size range is between 14 and 17.5 inches, but trucks or heavy vehicles tend to have bigger wheels. Some wheels are as large as 22 inches.

Is it illegal to install an aftermarket steering wheel? ›

Are these aftermarket steering wheels illegal? If you have a car that didn't come with an airbag from the factory, which is typically cars made before the early 90s, then you can legally change your steering wheel to an aftermarket one.

Why do people get aftermarket steering wheels? ›

An aftermarket custom steering wheel is a super popular modification these days. It makes sense because the steering wheel is basically what allows you to connect and control your car beside the pedals and the shifter. Having a nice aftermarket steering wheel allows you to basically improve your driving experience.

Why OEM wheels are better than aftermarket? ›

The fitment and compatibility of OEM replica wheels provide a better ride for your vehicle than Aftermarket wheels. Since aftermarket wheels are made to fit many different vehicles, they will likely not match the exact specifications needed to fit your vehicle.

Do bigger wheels affect steering? ›

The steering linkage and power steering system might also take a blow, as they will have to operate larger and heavier wheels. Remember that unsprung weight thing? Yes, it has to do with that as well. The braking system will have a harder job ahead, and it will accelerate wear on the pads and discs.

Does tire size affect steering? ›

Generally the shorter the sidewall or the lower the aspect ratio, the less time it takes to transmit the steering input from the wheel to the tread. The result is quicker steering response.

Will a 15 inch steering wheel cover fit a 14.5 inch steering wheel? ›

Look for a cover that is sized to fit your steering wheel snugly. I recommend you look for covers that fit the steering wheel in a one-inch range. For example, if your steering wheel is 15 inches in diameter, look for a cover that can fit the wheel between 14.5 and 15.5 inches in diameter.

Does the size of a steering wheel matter? ›

Smaller wheels may be more comfortable and take up less space, but the smaller the wheel, the more steering effort required (more so on a car with no power steering). This is less important for a race car, where the most you may need to turn the wheel is somewhere short of 180 degrees.

Are Quick Connect steering wheels legal? ›

In most cases, installing a quick-release steering wheel is not street legal. If the factory steering wheel has an airbag, then any aftermarket steering wheel must also have an airbag. As there aren't any quick-release steering wheels with an airbag, this makes them illegal ipso facto.


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