15 DIY Puzzle Boards Ideas: How To Make A Puzzle Board (2023)

Here's an amazing DIY that has a list of a lot of informative guides on how to make a puzzle board. It's cheap, fun, and easy to build. Puzzle boards can be made out of almost anything, and you'll learn a few ways and materials that you could use to make an exquisite puzzle board.

The making process for each guide is clear and concise enough for anyone, even a beginner to work with and produce an amazing and simple puzzle board. No more lost puzzle pieces and incomplete puzzle games, some of the puzzle boards made by the creators in this guide come with a storage unit that you can use to store puzzle pieces and remove them out and play anytime you want. Let’s dive in and see what you need to make a puzzle board now.

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1. How To Make A Puzzle Board

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The first and most important part of this guide is to check out the building plan from the link and then start purchasing the materials you need, things like pieces of wood, drawer knobs, screws, a picture frame of the same size of the wood you'll use, wood glue and some finishing nails. The making process is seamlessly easy.

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2. DIY Jigsaw Puzzle Board

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(Video) DIY Puzzle Board ($15)

The creator had some old dry erase boards around the house so he used them to make his puzzle board, he also used E6000 glue, handles, white acrylic paint, white foam sheet, a utility knife, a roll of washi tape, and a few more supplies. The creator gave step-by-step instructions on how to make this board, so sit back and relax, if you're using this guide, you'll be done in no time.

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3. How To Make A Puzzle Board

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This puzzle board is white big, you need pre-sanded beech plywood, wood filler, wood glue, miter saw, fine grit sander, polyurethane, paintbrush, and a few more items. The puzzle board is quite large and can take as many puzzle pieces as you want. After 7 simple steps, the puzzle board was ready.

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4. DIY Puzzle Table

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Here's a unique puzzle board that comes with a table. You don't have to build the entire table if you don't have the time to, you can use a table that matches the size of the board and mount the board on the table. If you decide to build the table with the board on top, you can do so with ease. The table built by the creator comes with a storage drawer, making it easy to grab your puzzle piece and play.

(Video) Build your own puzzle board with storage! Easy!

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5. DIY Puzzle Board With Storage

This is a pretty great instructional video tutorial guide on how to make a puzzle board with small storage space inside. The storage space is inside the board, but yet the puzzle board itself is pretty slim, light, and easy to carry around.

6. How To Make A Puzzle Board

This time-lapse video guide started with the creator joining scraps of paper boards with masking tape and glue to have a bigger board. Using a spray adhesive the creator converted the paper board to poster paper. The entire puzzle board is made of paper board, which is cheaper and faster to make.

7. How To Make A Puzzle Tray With Storage

Here is a slim puzzle tray the creator made with wood, it has large storage, and you can easily store it under a low table, in a way to hide the puzzle tray if you have pets around that might knock the puzzle off if left in the table carelessly. There is a building plan in the video guide that you can use to make the puzzle tray with ease.

8. DIY Puzzle Board With Drawers

Here are a few steps you should have in mind if you choose to use this guide to make a puzzle board for yourself, first get your materials ready for work, then proceed to lay, cut, and glue the center support for the board, lay and cut the trim with a jigsaw, then lay and cut the board drawer wooden bottom. The rest of the steps are easy to make, you just need about $20 for this project.

9. DIY Puzzle Board

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(Video) DIY Puzzle Board

This is a great bulletin puzzle board that you can make with a few simple materials like a pre-made bulletin board with a wooden frame, wooden closet dowels, stencils, and mineral paint. The making process is quite long and complex, but simple enough to understand.

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10. DIY Jigsaw Puzzle Table

15 DIY Puzzle Boards Ideas: How To Make A Puzzle Board (7)

This is the coolest and most unique puzzle table ever, it's not just an ordinary puzzle table, it's a drop-down puzzle table. The creator made the table in such a way that you can attach it to the wall, and pull it out and use it while it's hanging on the wall. So, the table never touches the ground but still stands firm and everyone can have access to it. The only downside is that you can't rest your hand on the table and you can't go round it because it's attached to a wall. The upside is that it saves space and it's easy to reach.

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11. DIY Puzzle Game Table

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(Video) How to make a Puzzle Board

Here is another amazing puzzle table that you can build with a few materials. It's not so easy to build, because the creator didn't give clear instructions or steps on how to build, this guide will only help you if you're an expert woodworker. With that in mind, as a woodworker, you can make the puzzle table with more or less information, although there are a few images that the creator inserted in the guide to assist you through the process.

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12. How To Make A 1000 Piece Puzzle Board

To make a 1000 piece puzzle board, the board has to be pretty big. The creator measured 75x52cm for the board size. He also used a 9mm MDF board, two 1 square meter pieces of short felt material, and 1 tine spray contact adhesive. The making process is super easy and fun to build.

13. DIY Puzzle Table

To get the original design building plans, check the link to the video description, and see more about the plans. You don't need all the power tools used in this video guide, just a few essential ones are okay. This puzzle table was made with legs, drawer slides, drawer pulls, and hinges. It's super easy and effortless to build. Also, check the link to see where you can get the necessary tools to work with.

14. DIY Simple Puzzle Board

Here is how you can make a simple puzzle board with cardboard and contact paper or PVC. First, you need a large cardboard box, and some light-duty PVC, these tap materials are cheap and easy to find. You'll also need a measuring tape, scissors, hot glue gun, marker pen, and masking tape. The making process is as easy as procuring the supplies needed for this guide. The creator started by cutting the large cardboard box into a large square board shape with the dimensions she had in mind. She then taped two cut-out boards together. This guide is seamlessly easy and simple to follow. The steps are clear and concise enough for even a beginner to work with.

15. How To Make A Puzzle Tray

Here is a cool puzzle tray the creator made with some scrap quarter-inch plywood and other wood boards and a few power tools. The making process was quite quick and easy to follow, with no complex designs. The creator started by cutting the 1x3 wood planks into the desired shape. He cut several wood planks for the frame, then set and cut the plywood board as the puzzle top board. The design is simple and unique, give this guide a try now.


That’s all for today on DIY puzzle boards, with this guide you’ll not only learn how to make a puzzle board but also a puzzle table and tray, this makes your job a whole lot easier and saves your puzzle pieces from getting misplaced and your board knocked over. Thanks for viewing this DIY, I hope one or two guides got your attention and will help you make a sweet puzzle board right away..

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What material is used for puzzle boards? ›

Cardboard is the most conventional material used for jigsaw puzzles and we have 2 high quality cardboard for you to choose from including professional and Eska premium. Wooden jigsaw puzzles are by far the highest quality material for making this game.

What is a good size for a puzzle board? ›

Size. While puzzle tables come in a range of sizes, most are designed to fit a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle with room to spare. Their surface areas typically measure approximately 20 to 25 inches tall by 30 to 35 inches wide. A larger table may be necessary for larger 1,500- or 2,000-piece puzzles.

What can be used as a puzzle mat? ›

Don't have felt on hand like I did? Then making a puzzle mat is even easier. Simply buy a yard of felt at a fabric store and you're good to go!

What is the best surface to do a puzzle on? ›

Look for a card table or another flat surface that might not be disturbed easily. Look for a low-traffic area or flat surface that will hold the size of the puzzle and be undisturbed. Puzzle Mats come in quite handy if you have to move the puzzle.

Can I use a bulletin board for a puzzle board? ›

Choose a bulletin board that is slightly larger than most of your puzzles. Mine is 24″ x 36″. I really like the bulletin board idea because the trim creates a picture frame of sorts, holding in the loose pieces. And you don't need woodworker skills to use a ready-made board!

What kind of glue do you use to glue a puzzle to a board? ›

If you can, pick up Mod Podge, a dedicated craft glue. As opposed to regular glue, puzzle glue combines an adhesive with a lacquer. It not only holds the puzzle together, it provides a protective gloss finish that dries clear every time. Start pouring!

What is the easiest way to build a 1000 piece puzzle? ›

Sort the puzzle pieces into edge groups. Begin the puzzle by joining together the edge pieces. Move onto finishing the big shape and colour sections that are mostly easier to start from than the smaller details in the puzzle. Always remember to take a break to refresh your mind.

Can you make custom puzzles? ›

Creating puzzles for family and children is fun and can keep memorable moments alive. Ordering a photo puzzle is straightforward and easy. Simply upload your favorite images, ensuring that it's a high-quality image, choose the size puzzle you'd like, the type of box, or if you want it to arrive assembled.

How is a Japanese puzzle box made? ›

Using the large variety of trees available in the Hakone region of Japan, skilled craftsmen make patterned blocks using the shapes and color varieties to make the design they desire. After the pieces are glued together, thin layers are shaved off and then applied to the Japanese puzzle box or other artform.

How does a Japanese puzzle box work? ›

A Puzzle Box can be opened by moving the sliding pieces of its surfaces. You must move the pieces in the proper sequence and the right direction to open the box.

Are puzzle boards worth it? ›

Time to step up your jigsaw-making game with a puzzle board. Not only do they provide a hard and stable surface for your 1,000-piece puzzle, but they can help you transport it between the dining and the coffee table, no matter your progress. Some of them even include little drawers to keep all your pieces safe.

How long should it take one person to do a 1000 piece puzzle? ›

Completing a 1000 piece puzzle can last anywhere from a couple of hours to multiple days. For the average puzzler, a 1000 piece puzzle takes anywhere from 4–10 hours to complete. Jigsaws are the toughest, but different strategies help to decrease time. It's all about interest.

Is Mod Podge good for puzzles? ›

Puzzle glue is a special adhesive that provides a glossy finish once dried. Even better, puzzle glue dries clear and doesn't cake. Mod Podge is another type of glue used for many different craft projects. You can easily apply Mod Podge with a brush, gliding it over your puzzle to keep the pieces together cleanly.

Is it better to glue or tape a puzzle? ›

The puzzle glue method is the best way to ensure that your puzzle stays together permanently. The glue will also ensure that the puzzle will not have any part that would fall apart. We also suggest using a piece of thin plastic, parchment, or wax paper underneath your puzzle before putting the puzzle glue.

What to put under a puzzle to move it? ›

A puzzle mat is a great tool to move and store a puzzle in progress. You put the puzzle together on the large surface of the mat, then the felt can be rolled up with the puzzle sandwiched within.

Can I use a towel as a puzzle mat? ›

Alternately, you could also go for using a large as well as a heavy piece of paper, a towel, a folder sheet, or even an old yoga mat that could cover up a large surface of the jigsaw puzzle.

What is the secret to block puzzle? ›

Focus on clearing the vertical and horizontal lines and be mindful of the placement of the blocks so that they can clear multiple lines in a go rather than just single lines. Remember to leave space for the 3x3 square pieces if you don't want your game to end. The key here is to create space, not fill space.

What can you spray on a puzzle to keep it together? ›

Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive, Multipurpose and Repositionable, 14 Ounce, Clear, (Pack of 1)

What is the fastest way to build a puzzle? ›

A popular strategy is to put the edges of the puzzle together first because, with one straight edge, the pieces are easier to identify and put together. “There isn't a single strategy that will work for 100 percent of puzzles, but in the majority of cases, it is easiest to start with the edge,” McLeod says.

Can I use a cork board for a puzzle board? ›

Get yourself a regular cork board and add your favorite puzzle, then when its time to take a break just slide your board under a bed or wherever for easy clean up until it's time to play again! Diy portable puzzle board!

How do you stick things to Pinboard? ›

Most glues, adhesives, and stickers will stick to a corkboard. You can use two-way tape on the cork to stick it directly to a wall or to add features to the front of your board. Craft or wood glue will work to stick things directly to the board if you want something to stay there permanently.

How do you permanently keep a puzzle together? ›

The best way to preserve your puzzle for framing is by using puzzle glue. There are dedicated puzzle glues on Amazon, but our favorite glue is the classic Mod Podge Puzzle Saver. All you need is Mod Podge and something to apply it – we use a putty knife but we've see people use a brush too.

Which Mod Podge glue is best for puzzles? ›

There are several varieties of Mod Podge brand products, but Puzzle Saver is definitely the best choice for this job.

How do you attach a puzzle to wood? ›

  1. Choose a Surface: Assemble your puzzle on a sturdy surface such as a foam board. ...
  2. Smooth: Make sure your puzzle is smooth and that all pieces are arranged neatly before permanently gluing.
  3. Glue: Apply a clear drying glue to the front side of the puzzle. ...
  4. Dry: Let the puzzle sit overnight before framing.
1 Apr 2021

Can you frame a puzzle without gluing it? ›

A simple way to frame an assembled jigsaw puzzle without having to glue it down is to use a clear “box frame”, easy to find in craft and frame shops. A box frame is not permanent, so you can take the puzzle out and play with it. Or replace it a few months later with your newest favorite puzzle.

Can You Use school glue to glue puzzles? ›

There is always the most expensive way, taking a finished puzzle to a frame shop and let them glue it and frame it. I am cheap, so i spent some time looking for a way to save my puzzles. The cheapest way I have come up with is to use simple Elmers glue. The same glue every kid uses in school.

How do you put a puzzle on a foam board? ›

Use a spray adhesive to glue the puzzle to the foam board. You have to work fast on this part because spray adhesive dries quickly. It creates a permanent bond so the puzzle stays attached to the foam board.

How long should it take to do 100 piece puzzle? ›

The average times for completing puzzles are as follows: 100-piece puzzles: 2–3 hours. 500-piece puzzles: 4–5 hours. 1,000-piece puzzles: 9–11 hours.

What is the fastest time for a 1 000 piece puzzle? ›

As per google stats, the fastest time to solve a jigsaw puzzle is 1:01:29 hours.

Are 500 piece puzzles too easy? ›

A 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is fairly manageable for nearly any participant. Whether you have a group of two or ten, you can easily finish in a day — and probably much faster.

How do you make easy puzzles at home? ›

To create puzzle pieces, begin adding ball and socket shapes (concave and convex half-circles) along the edges of the grid squares so that the pieces will fit into each other when the puzzle is cut. You can also use inverted and protruding triangles, squares, or other shapes.

What can I use instead of a puzzle mat? ›

Don't have felt on hand like I did? Then making a puzzle mat is even easier. Simply buy a yard of felt at a fabric store and you're good to go!

What can I use as a jigsaw puzzle board? ›

There are many jigsaw puzzles mat alternatives such as jigsaw puzzle table, cardboard, or wooden board. One of the best alternatives where you can play jigsaw puzzles you love without unnecessarily spending on a jigsaw puzzle mat is workspaces such as the dining room table.

Can I use a yoga mat as a puzzle mat? ›

Puzzle Mat

They are expensive, but your yoga mat is a great alternative. Put your puzzle together in the center of your mat. When you're ready to store it, roll it up tightly and carefully, and keep it secure with the strap that comes with your mat. When you're ready to continue the puzzle, unroll the mat carefully.


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