Best Hidden Word Puzzles (2023)

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These word games offer up a grid or any arrangement of letters, and you need to find the hidden word(s) within. The letters often need to connect to find that hidden word, and there's often just one right answer per puzzle.

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Best Hidden Word Puzzles (6)

Under a SpellHappymagenta UAB

Word power is your greatest magic

There’s something about great word puzzle games that just commands the attention of the right kind of player for minutes, even hours, on end. It may just be the sheer delight of culling various words from one’s vocabulary. Or it may be the stimulating challenge that’s made out of such an elementary skill as spelling. No matter what that something is, to the right kind of player, word puzzle games can be nothing short of spellbinding. And aptly enough, the word puzzle game Under a Spell is no different.

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Best Hidden Word Puzzles (8)

WordBrainMAG Interactive

WordBrain is a free word puzzle for all ages

WordBrain is a free word puzzle for all ages. Our game combines the best parts of word scramble and crossword games. Connect the tiles and transform random letters into words. If you do it in the correct order, you can move on to the next level!

- WordBrain keeps your mind sharp with thousands of challenging levels
- Train your brain...

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Apps with average score

Best Hidden Word Puzzles (10)

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WordWhizzle ThemesApprope

--- One theme... find the related hidden words! ---
*** Try the new free word game from the makers of WordBubbles! ***

If you’re looking for the next evolution in word games, WordWhizzle is the game for you! How does it work? We give you a topic, and your task is to...

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Best Hidden Word Puzzles (13)

Best Hidden Word Puzzles (14)

Word Spark-Smart Training GameHi Studio Limited

Free word game to exercise your brain! Find the hidden words in the grids! Easy to start, but increasingly difficult. This game even challenges the real word expert! Trust me! You are gonna love it!

How to play?
Swipe fingers up, down, left, right, diagonally, and even backwards among mixing letters!
30 amazing...

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Best Hidden Word Puzzles (16)

Best Hidden Word Puzzles (17)

Qiktionary – The 4-letter GameFour Letter Works

For fans of QI, Wordle and all things puzzling and interesting, we bring you the updated Qiktionary - the free-to-play, award-winning wordgame - gleaming in its brand new interface.
Curated by the QI Elves, enjoy in single player to unlock a library of fascinating facts, or challenge friends in multiplayer...

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Best Hidden Word Puzzles (19)

Best Hidden Word Puzzles (20)

Word Craft Inventions - Word brain gameWixot Game

Hey Word Genius! I dare you to join me in this competitive word search game!

The best and the most entertaining themed puzzle game and brain workout is now in the store!

Word Craft Inventions will take you to a ground-breaking journey of man-made inventions and discoveries throughout history!

You will...

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Best Hidden Word Puzzles (22)

Best Hidden Word Puzzles (23)

Word Trek - Word Block PuzzlesPlaySimple Games Pte Ltd

** Top Word Game of 2016. Super addictive - played by millions worldwide **

Word Trek - Brain game & Word puzzles is an addictive word game that can keep your mind engaged for hours.

The rules are simple. You need to find words hidden in a grid. Slide & drag...

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Best Hidden Word Puzzles (25)

Best Hidden Word Puzzles (26)

A fresh new take on the classic word search


WordBubbles! is a fresh and modernized take on the classic word search puzzle.

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Best Hidden Word Puzzles (28)

Best Hidden Word Puzzles (29)

Word Grid - Hidden Crossword Bubbles Puzzle Gamelei zhang

Cool game for the true Word Genius! Word Grid starts very easy but gets challenging quickly! 500+ levels!

===== How to play:
1. Find the hidden words
2. Slide your finger over them
3. See the puzzle collapsed and solved

Be careful, you must do it all in the correct order!

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Best Hidden Word Puzzles (31)

Best Hidden Word Puzzles (32)


Word Cubes - An intriguing game provided for word enthusiasts! Find the hidden words in a grid puzzle, and swipe the screen to build them! Plus, you have to connect letters in the right orders!

We design 30 packs with 580 levels in 6 grid modes: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6...

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Best Hidden Word Puzzles (34)

Best Hidden Word Puzzles (35)

Wozznic - Word puzzle gameIvanovich Games

WOZZNIC combines the charm of Word games with the simple and addictive gameplay of Puzznic.
The result is an original and fun game where you have to figure out how to move the letters to build the correct words that allow you to clear each level. Do you dare? There are...

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Best Hidden Word Puzzles (37)

Best Hidden Word Puzzles (38)

A Word GameApps

A Word Best Puzzle Game

"A Word", unlike classic vocabulary games, gives you a more complex and fun gaming experience. The aim is to FIND HIDDEN WORDS appropriate to the subject given in the puzzle consisting of hexagon letters, to collect points and badges. Swipe your finger across the letters to...

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Best Hidden Word Puzzles (40)

Best Hidden Word Puzzles (41)

Word Crush - Fun Puzzle GamesMediaflex Games

Word Crush is the ultimate word game. You must guess the words shown in the correct way and correct order to clear the grid and move on to the next level - think carefully and make each swipe count!

With over 20 million downloads and growing, Mediaflex Games has...

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Best Hidden Word Puzzles (43)

Best Hidden Word Puzzles (44)

When you want to pass the time, just play some word games through messages

Word Ache for iMessageAppgrammers LLC

Word Ache for iMessage is a word game that can be played through iMessage. Solve the puzzle faster than your opponent!

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Other Apps

Could be good for special cases

WordQuest!Tappeal AB*** Connect the letters and find the hidden words! ***--- Adventure + Word Game = WordQuest ---Pack your bags – or at least your brain because you are going on an adventure! In WordQuest, you will advance through a magical kingdom by solving word puzzles. Each puzzle consists of several scrambled letters. Swipe your screen to connect the letters, and build each hidden word in the right order! For every solved puzzle, you will take one step forward!Do you…… have a way with words?… or want to build a better vocabulary?…or simply look for free adventures?!If your answer is YES to any of these questions, simply tap on the download button and start your quest!------------------------------------------------------------------------------Features:- It’s free!- Offers more than 30 levels!- Develop your vocabulary and spelling skills!- Daily challenges keep you on your toes and earn you hint coins!- The perfect adventure for “wordies” who love word games!- Compete with your friends and follow their progress!- Casual setup makes it the most laidback word game yet!------------------------------------------------------------------------------Think you can make it through the kingdom? Sit back, relax, and start unscrambling!
OKBOSCounterwave, Inc.OKBOS turns classic books into word puzzles!As you read you’ll unscramble sets of 1x2 domino word tiles containing portions of text that have been blacked-out, as if by a censor's pen. As you solve each puzzle, the blacked-out text is revealed.Reconnect with an old favorite or discover a new one by playing any (or all!) of the following books included in OKBOS:Alice's Adventure's in WonderlandThrough the Looking-GlassLittle WomenSense and SensibilityPride and PrejudiceJane EyreThe Adventures of Sherlock HolmesMemoirs of Sherlock HolmesThe Return of Sherlock HolmesFrankensteinThat's over 50,000 puzzles!
Monologue: The Word GameIan HenryMonologue is a word game.You might have looked at the screenshots already and thought “this is probably a word game, because of all the letters.” If so, you’re on the right track.But you came to the description section anyway, because you understand that not all word games are created equally. “Is Monologue,” you asked yourself, “the word game for me?”Well, I’m here to answer that question. And the answer is: absolutely.See, Monologue is not just about words. Words are a big part of the game, sure, but there are also numbers. Those are important too. Every time you spell words you get numbers, and then, if you get enough numbers, the game rewards you with animations and sound effects. But in order to get big enough numbers, you need to plan ahead. You need to use the strategies.I assume that that explanation was very clear.Fortunately, Monologue has an interactive tutorial that explains the game and its mechanics much better than this description will. And if you buy the game, you can go through the tutorial. In fact, it’s probably the best thing you could do in order to decide if you want to buy the game or not. So go do that.From the developer that brought you Kalision, a game you’ve never heard of, comes Monologue: 2016’s most exciting orthography simulator to date.
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