Breath Of The Wild: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Urbosa (2023)

WithThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildconsidered a massive success, it's no surprise many fans fell in love with the new characters seen within the game. Urbosa, Champion of the Gerudo and pilot of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, is a major standout amongst the colorfuldenizens of Hyrule. Her popularity even landed her a role in the spin-off titleHyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity,and plenty of fans look forward to learning more in Breath of the Wild's sequel.

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Like most Zelda characters, there's more to Urbosa than what players see when she's onscreen. Through external media, flashbacks, andherown diary entries,different facetsof Urbosa's personality come to light.


She's The Director's Favorite

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In a behind-the-scenes featurette onBreath of the Wild, game director Hidemaro Fujibayashi mentions a few noteworthy things about Urbosa. When discussing favorite characters, Fujibayashi mentions that he has a particular soft spot for Urbosa. He also lets slip that her name was the first to be finalizedduring the development of the game.

It's little wonder that Fujibayashi adores Urbosa so much; she's one of the most likable characters inBreath of the Wildandthe game does an excellent job in fleshing her out. Having a seal of approval from the game's own director only adds to Urbosa's impressive list of achievements.

She Was Friends With Zelda's Mother

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Throughout cutscenes and entries from Urbosa's diary, it's revealed that Urbosa had a special connection with Zelda's mother, the queen of Hyrule. Even before the birth of the young princess, the two were extremely close friends, and Urbosa even attended the queen's funeral after her passing. She calls Zelda by the nickname 'little bird', a term of endearment first used by the late queen.

Urbosa's friendship with the queen is reflected in the support sheoffers Zelda, as though she feels obligated to look after her in her mother's stead. Zelda, in turn, confides in Urbosa about her worries with the burden placed on her, only strengthening the maternal instincts Urbosa feels.

She Resents Ganondorf's Legacy As A Gerudo

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As a Champion of the Gerudo, Urbosa's primary goal is to help repel the threat known as Calamity Ganon from Hyrule. Dialogue from Urbosa, however, establishes that her anger towards Ganon is a lot more personal than appears. One of Ganon's many previous forms was that of Ganondorf, the only Gerudo man born in 100 years. His legacy hangs over the heads of the Gerudo as a black mark, something that Urbosa greatly resents him for.

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Her determination to see Ganon answer for this legacy is so great that not even death can stop Urbosa from achieving her goals.Urbosa's spirit encourages Link to do what she couldn't in seeking and destroying Ganon before she can move on and rest eternally.

She's A Zelink Shipper

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When Link is first assigned to be Zelda's bodyguard, Urbosa greatly supports the two of them, even as Zelda initially shows resistance towards Link.Like many an avid fan who ships Zelda and Link, Urbosa constantly encourages Zelda to open up to Link; likewise, she confides in Link about Zelda's worries and helps him get closer to her. Urbosa's efforts come to fruition in the Champion's Ballad DLC, when Zelda, Link, and the Champions take agroup photo.

This photo has Zelda and Link pushed close together and Urbosa looking on with approval. Her sly smile and teasing glancegreatly resembles that of a shipper who's just found evidence of their favorite pairing possibly becoming canon.

Her People Didn't Want Her Piloting Vah Naboris

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On page 4 of her diary, Urbosa documents the day that Hyrule recruited her to pilot Vah Naboris. While she herself did not hesitate a second before stepping up to the challenge, her people responded to the news with a lotmore trepidation than one would expect. According to Urbosa, the other Gerudo apparently feared for her life and pleaded with her to turn down the offer, stating that it was too dangerous.

This account puts amore nuanced light on Urbosa as a chieftain, showing that she will do whatever it takes to protect her people. Even if they do not agree with Urbosa or understand her choices, she's willing to risk her life it is means doing the right thing.

She Mothers Riju InAge Of Calamity

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Through a series of unexpected events, Urbosa meets up with Riju, her successor, during the events ofHyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. While most would be a littleshocked to meet the person who inherits their Divine Weapon, Urbosa takes the situation in stride and grows fond of the young Chieftain. She becomes a mother figure to Riju, offering her words of encouragement and showing concern when she pushes herself too hard.


In the originalBreath of the Wild, players witnessed countless moments where Urbosa takes on a motherly role for Link, Zelda, and the other Champions. Extending that to Riju is a sign of the immense trust Urbosa has in her abilities and the gratitude she shares for Riju's timely arrival.

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Players with sharp ears may notice that Urbosa's voice sounds a little familiar. That's because she's voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell, a popular anime voice actress known for her low voice. Maxwell is best knownin fandom from the showRWBY, where she voices Winter Schnee.

A graceful yet serious fighter,Winteris the big sisterof main character Weiss Schnee and a mentor for many of the main characters, just as how disciplined warrior Urbosa serves as a mentor for Zelda. The two characters have plenty of similarities with one another; clearly, Elizabeth Maxwell is experienced in playingsisterly or motherly characters such as these two.

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It is common knowledge that the Divine Beast themes inBreath of the Wildmake use of morse code as part of the song; most notably, the signals for 'Search and Destroy' and 'SOS' are common motifs representing theChampions struggling and ultimately failing to repel Calamity Ganon's forces. Vah Naboris' theme also contains these motifs, albeit they are quieter than in the other Divine Beast melodies.

As a powerful warrior, Urbosa would have been the first major target of Calamity Ganon's forces. The faint SOS signal points to the heartbreaking scenario that she was quickly overwhelmedbefore a distress signal could even reach the others.

She Has A Silly Side

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A huge part ofBreath of the Wild involves Link collecting memories of his past life, and one of these memories provides insight into a previously unexplored aspect of Urbosa. The memory in question shows a heartfelt conversation between Link and Urbosa as Zelda naps peacefully on her lap; towards the end, however, Urbosa wakes up Zelda with an unorthodox use of her powers.


Despite her reputation as a powerful and awe-inspiring warrior, Urbosa demonstrates a secret playful side in how she pranks a very startled Zelda. She's not above laughing over Zelda's confusion and enjoying herself ina moment of brief respite from the Calamity.

She Taught Link How To Enter Gerudo Town

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Page 6 of Urbosa's diary highlights a tense moment in Link and Zelda's relationship where Zeldagoesto Gerudo Town to avoid Link. When Urbosa learns of the situation, she teaches Link how to enter Gerudo Town without being thrown out for being a man; presumably, sheis referring totheGerudo Set Link can wear to gain entry.

Despite being fully aware of the rules about 'voe' in Gerudo Town, Urbosa shows she's willing to bend the rules in order to help Link and Zelda overcome their differences. It's a surprising nuance to Urbosa's character that players would not expect otherwise.

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