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The EX Champion Urbosa's Song is one of DLC Main Quests in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. After completing the first set of trials on the Great Plateau, you can start this quest on East Gerudo Mesa to the Southeast of the Wasteland Tower and Divine Beast Vah Naboris in the Wasteland Region.

Take note that in order to access this mission, you'll have to have the DLC purchased and installed, but you'll also need to have completed each of the Divine Beasts and defeated the Blight Ganons inside.


You can find the newly arisen pedestal at East Gerudo Mesa, located not far South from the Divine Beast Naboris and up the mountains to the North of Suma Sahma Shrine.

Look for a ledge that points towards the small mesa and glide over to find Kass at the pedestal - who is trying to complete the song of his old teacher.

His verses seem to echo those of the trials you are to face:

"One, Fight the brute of teh sand. Two, chase rings upon the land. Three, throw the orb underground. Champion, trials abound!"

On the pedestal, the three obelisks reveal map locations of the shrines you must uncover and complete - which you can do in any order. All three of them are in the nearby area of the Wasteland and Gerudo Highlands Region.

Trial 1 - Keive Tala Shrine

For the first trial you will need to "Fight the brute of sand."

If you head to Gerudo Town, you'll find the guard Teake out front of the palace discussing a molduga spotted recently in East Barrens.

Travel to the area between the Dila Maag Shrine in the South Lomei Labyrinth, and the Misae Suma Shrine where the East Barrens is located, and you will the rumormonger Traysi has spotted a new type of Molduga - the Molduking.


Thankfully, this fight won't play out that much differently from a regular Molduga Fight. Toss a bomb into the rolling sands below the plateau Traysi is on to get its attention. When it leaps up to swallow the bomb, detonate it to stun the Molduking.

The beast has a lot of health, and after taking some damage you'll need to make sure you back off or may be instantly killed by it thrashing around.

If you have any Thunder Weapons or Shock Arrows - use them! They deal massive damage to the Molduking and can make this fight a lot less painful.

Otherwise, glide down to a nearby ruined pillar and set up shop either luring the Molduking into eating a bomb, or take shots with arrows when it swims around the sand while still visible.

When you defeat the mighty Molduking for good, a new shrine will be open to you.

Inside Keive Tala Shrine - Big or Small - you'll find yourself in a long hall with a power line along the left that needs to be electrified using assorted metal objects.

To start, the two metal balls on chains in the water can't quite reach each other - so look for a small metal box on the right side of the hall and place it in the water between the two balls. Next, the power line will split to a switch and up top as well - but it's not reaching the switch.

Drag another small metal box over to touch the orange switch, and will activate a moving platform to go up.


When it stop moving up, remove the metal box to keep the platform in that position, and place the box on the platform to connect the electrical lines.

Up ahead you'll find a much large ball on a chain that's been electrified. Use Magnesis to drape the ball and chain over a nearby pole to electrify it, and move on the final area. There's no ball here - but you can use the giant metal box on the right side of the hall. To get it to stay in place, make a Cryonis platform below the electrical line just to the right of the pole, and you'll power up the gate to the Monk - as well as a side area.

If you want to get the chest, activate the apparatus to the right of the Monk to take control of a laser on rotating platform. Several moving platforms with pieces of metal are moving up and down, and you'll need to flick the laser over the switch to stop them at the right time to build an electrical bridge to the other side. It will take a bit of patience, and your reward is a chest with a Radiant Shield.

Head to the Monk now and get Naboris's Emblem - one of three need to unlock the challenge at the Divine Beast.

Trial 2 - Takama Shiri Shrine

The second verse of the poem Kass recites mentions "Chase rings upon the land". Looking at the maps on the obelisks, you can spy one that's found just to the West of Gerudo Town and the Daqo Chisay Shrine.

Since you'll need to be chasing rings - hop on a Sand Seal near the town and make your way West until you can spot a blue among the dunes.

Keep dashing with your Sand Seal as you make your way Northwest along the ridge of a large dune, and be on the lookout for approaching Lizalfos swimming through the sand to try and ambush you.

Hang a right to follow the rings as they go down past the statues with swords pointing into the West Gerudo Ruins and finally past some skeletons to the finish - where a new shrine appears.


In the Takama Shiri Shrine - Dual Purpose - You'll have more electricity puzzles to solve.

First, cross the metal platforms to the gate (you don't want to get electrocuted!) and then use Magnesis to move the first metal platform up to the right to meet the other platform and unlock the gate.

In the next area, the path ahead is also electrified - so jump down to the left and move the middle metal platform up. Return up the ladder and cross the first platform to hang on the right as the ledge wraps around. Now pull the middle platform off to the side as well as the platform in the back to make a bridge to the other side.

From this side, you can see the gate on the left - but crossing it would also mean you'd get shocked. Instead, move the block closest to you all the way to the left, and the back metal block over to the right to connect the metal rod. This will let you jump from the nearby block through the gate into the next area.

Up the ramp, you'll find two sets of metal stair blocks - mixed with climbable and un-climbable blocks with the right ones being electrified.

Before you try and find a way up, note that behind the blocks is a gate that hides a chest. Form a triangle of metal blocks to go up and over and back down to trigger the electrical pad and get the chest that holds a Royal Bow.

Now head back to the front, and use the climbable metal blocks to form stairs around the other blocks - making sure they don't touch the electrical pylon in the right corner. Once you climb up, look for a catwalk that lets you look down over the blocks.

Move the top climbable block to the far right, and the bottom two blocks also to the far right. The middle two blocks should be together in the middle so that they don't touch the top right block - but do connect with the top left block to open the gate, giving you a way to safely climb up.

Now you can head up and speak to the Monk, and he will grant you the second of Naboris's Emblems.


Trial 3 - Kihiro Moh Shrine

the last verse in the poem mentioned by Kass reads "Throw the orb underground."

He also mentioned speaking with Riju and Buliara back in Gerudo Town. If visit them, you can ask about a sacred orb - it was stolen by the Yiga Clan and brought back to their hideout.

Travel to the Gerudo Tower and up and over the ridge to the arena where you fought Master Khoga - and the giant pit you sent him down. Down here, look for the twin adventurers Mina and Mils, who have opened the gate back into the hideout. Mils notes that the sacred orbs is being guarded in the second floor storage room - so head on in.

Put on some sneaking garb if you need to, because there are several Yiga Blademasters patrolling around. You can fight them if you want - otherwise try and hang to the right side and slip around a Blademaster to climb up the ladder - where you can spot the orb in the storage room.

Cross the rooftops to the doorway leading up to the second floor to nab the orb.

For the return trip, look for an open window to hop out, and use cover to slip past the Blademasters until you can hop on the right side back the way you came.

Outside, toss the orb in the pit - and the shrine will be revealed.


In Kirhiro Moh Shrine - Inside the Box - notice the puzzle before you - more orbs and slots all around with four differently colored balls - and an apparatus in front of you.

Similar to Keo Ruug Shrine, you need to place place the colored ball to match the number of torches on the wall next to it. However, you aren't counting patterns on a wall - you're counting how many colored orbs are in a giant box you can look inside with the apparatus. Shake it around, and you'll find the following amount:

  • Blue - 4
  • Red - 1
  • Yellow - 2
  • Green - 2

Put the correct amount in, and the gate to the Monk will open - but you aren't done if you want the bonus prize!

Perhaps you noticed in the box that there were orbs that weren't glowing. Off to the right of the Monk, there's a place to guess the correct amount of colorless orbs - 3.

But how to actually place one? Since it's actually made of metal, you can use Magnesis on the bottom of the box to push the cover out and let the orbs dump out onto the floor, and carry one of the metal orbs into the slot. Your reward is Thunderspear.

Speak the Monk, and you'll get the final of Naboris's Emblems. Your next challenge awaits you at the Divine Beast itself.

Divine Beast Vah Naboris Challenge

As you approach the Divine Beast, instead of being teleported away, you will have the chance to enter an illusory realm - one where you must face the terror that lurks within the Divine Beast - but things will be different than from your last encounter.

In this fight, you bring only your heart containers and stamina (and runes) - everything else is provided for you, and it isn't much:


  • Scimitar of the Seven
  • Edge of Duality
  • Daybreaker
  • Shield of the Mind's Eye
  • Desert Voe Set (Level 2 Upgraded)
  • Voltfruit, Zapshroom, Raw Meat

If you need to, it's recommended you either get some temporary hearts or eat food that improves your shock damage resistance to couple with your armor's set bonus.

Thunderblight Ganon is tough considering the lack of weapons and now bows or arrows at all, but the Edge of Duality is great when used to its fullest effect.

Just like when you fought him before, he'll try and dash up for a quick strike - and a well-timed dodge or shield parry will stun him allowing you to deal major damage - especially with the Edge of Duality.

Once he reaches his second phase, be sure to have Magnesis ready to stick a metal rod next to him to cause him to shock himself and when he's stunned, get in some swipes with your giant weapon.

When he electrifies himself, get on the defensive and wait for the electricity to short out before parrying or dodging his attack and fighting back with everything you have. If he tries using his eye laser, swap to a sword and shield and go for a perfect parry to deal massive damage to him.

He won't be able to take the damage you dish out for long, and once beaten - this nightmare will end.

Returning to reality, Kass will meet you and come up with a song for the Champion Urbosa. His song will invoke memories from long ago - and unlock a new potential. Urbosa's Fury will now recharge at a much faster rate!

With this challenge done, it's time to head towards the next Champion trials that await you:

  • EX Champion Daruk's Song
  • EX Champion Revali's Song
  • EX Champion Mipha's Song


Once you have completed each of the trials, the Monk Maz Koshia will request that you return to the Shrine of Resurrection to meet your final challenge - The Divine Trial

Up Next: The Divine Trial

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