Games Like Animal Crossing Top 20 Games To Make You Crazy (2023)

Really, there are only so many times that you can go through the same plots and strategies. There comes a time when you feel the need for something new.So, if you are looking for a change from your favorite Animal Crossing but at the same time, are wondering whether you will find a video game that gives you an equal amount of satisfaction.

Our List Of Best Games Like Animal Crossing

The following are 20 games like Animal Crossing that you can consider.

Stardew Valley

This game is set in a humble farm. This is your grandfather’s farm. While he has passed away, you are now working for a man on this farm.


There is a lot of opportunity in the valley for you to rebuild this farm. You just need to make the most of what you have. You are armed with some tools and coins with which you need to begin a new life. You need to live off the land. The fields need to be turned into a home. Can you do it? While this may not be easy, it sure makes the game challenging and interesting. The old ways of life have disappeared and the town almost lies in shambles. What you need to do is get it restored back to its previous days of glory.

Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times

Also known as the Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry, this is a game that involves life simulation where players are asked to attend classes where they learn about things like magic.


At the beginning, you can create your own character in the game. The setting of this game is a magic academy. This is mainly a role-playing game. You can customize your avatar in the game and you have a choice of over 1,500 kinds of clothing. Apart from this, you have a number of accessories too. You even get to decorate your own room. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? With over 150 characters that you meet and befriend, this game can be a unique one. You form bonds with these characters and also get rewarded for your special abilities.

Dragon Quest Builders

Here is another role-playing game that you are going to love. Dragon Quest Builders first came out in 2016.


Your role in the game is to reconstruct Alefgard and save all its citizens as you go about with your quest of rebuilding. Alefgard has been plunged into darkness by Dragonlord. You now need to return the power of creation. You live in a sandbox world with epic proportions, memorable characters and a lot of dangerous monsters. The variety of tools and materials gives you a lot to explore in the game. Defeating the enemy in this game involves exciting tasks of gathering, crafting and building that is sure to keep you engaged right up to the end of the game. You get to transform trees, craft blocks and so much more that is sure to bring out all the creative side in you.

Gemini Lost – Games Like Animal Crossing

You walk home with a group of friends. While walking, you get to come across a beam of light. This light is caused by a mysterious solar eclipse.


Following the light, you reach a place. This place is an ancient astrological site. You are transported to an unfamiliar world! Sounds interesting? Then get your copy of this game today. As you are stranded with your friends, you have to create your own civilization. So, how will you do this? You find food, shelter and also perform a lot of research on the new environment in the place that you are stranded on. Your group soon grows in number. In this game, there is a lot of matching and mating involved and this makes it all the more exciting. Finally, all you have to do is complete the tasks in order to find your way home.

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

This is another simulation video game that you are sure to love. Developed by Rare, this game is based on a garden simulation.


So, if you like gardens, this is the game like Animal Crossing that is just for you. The game was released in 2008. You have a garden of your own in this game. Here, you can get this garden customized. You get to grow plants, trees and even sell or buy items. And if you meet certain requirements, you will be rewarded by Pinatas in your garden. However, these pinatas can also eat other pinatas so here lies the challenge of the game. Some pinatas can even harm your garden by fighting with other pinatas or even eating up seeds. You also need to deal with professor Pester who can also spoil your garden.

Wild Season – Games Like Animal Crossing

Are you the kind that is interested in the Korean form of farming? Then Wild Season is a game that you are sure to enjoy. This is an adventure game.


There are no big cities and other such stuff involved in the game. Here you just get to manage your own farm. You can either be a male or female in this game. You then need to start developing the farm. There are quests from a variety of characters and you also get to enjoy a lot of activities like fishing, mining, cooking and even horse racing. However, the challenge comes when you come across a lot of characters who can be very harsh. These characters can even try to cheat you. Your role in the game is to prove that they are wrong and keep the folks on your side to live happily on this farm.

Shepherd’s Crossing 2

If you want to play a game that resembles farming like it was in the old days, then Shepherd’s Crossing is just the game for you.


The game has interesting graphics and is very much like Animal Crossing in this aspect. There are no strict restrictions in the game and this only goes to make it even more interesting. You are free to go anywhere, you can explore and you are not really required to follow objectives. You can focus on the activities that you like. In the game, you are in a rural place. You have a pet duck. And you need to set up a farm of your own. This game is pleasant without much challenges and with more of farm oriented tasks which younger kids are sure to love.

A World of Keflings

If you are fond of impressing graphics, A World of Keflings is the game for you. You need to choose three kingdoms in the game.


The kingdom you choose will provide you with its own unique tasks and settings. In this game, you are surrounded by, as suggested by the very title of the game, keflings. These are nothing but tiny human beings who are lost. Now, what you need to do is help these keflings. You need to create a huge castle for them. However, this is a task that is challenging in its own way. The Keflings need to be trained or they will not know how to use this castle. They need to know how to take care of themselves and also be able to collect resources. Do you think you have what it takes? Play the game now.

World’s Dawn – Games Like Animal Crossing

Now, here is a game that you are going to love if at all you like colors and a lot of greenery. There is also a lot of character customization that is found in this game.


This game is mainly inspired by the Harvest Moon series. There are a lot of vibrant graphics and quirky characters that you are going to love. You are in the middle of a sleepy seaside village. You have the keys and you have to manage things in this farmhouse. You need to review your surroundings and start to get familiar with everything around. You need to know what you have in stock. By customizing, you start working on the old farm. It has to bloom and get filled with crops. If you like small town activities, this is the perfect game for you. Love, friendship and magical secrets are all what will keep you going until the end of the game.

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

If you like role-playing, then Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is the game that is sure to please you. Existing for over two decades, this is a favorite of a lot of children today.


What makes this game different from the others in the series is the enhanced character customization that you are sure to love. What you need to do is get a farm customized along with the surrounding town. Cactus, cotton and wheat are some of the different crops that you will be dealing with in the course of this game. You can even do things like changing a player’s hairstyle and get new clothing. There are a lot of bachelorettes and even marriages, which can go on to make the game more exciting. Apart from this, you also have a lot of honeymoons and vacations and other romantic activities.

Happy Street

If you are the kind that goes all soft when you see cute creatures, then you are just going to love Happy Street. This game is also very easy to install and can be enjoyed for hours.


This game, in fact, involves a lot of city building with activities like social trading and even farming and gifting. In this game, what you need to do is get a village of your own created. There is a lot of color and charm that is involved here. You also have a lot of huge additional activities that are sure to keep you hooked for hours. You are Billy in the game. You are a fox explorer. You need to create and develop a community in the place where you are staying. You make structures like shops and other places. These are the sources of your income, and with the money that you get, you work on expanding your village.

Castaway Paradise

If you feel like going on a vacation, then Castaway Paradise is the perfect game for you. This game is especially good for younger children, thanks to all the clear visuals and young characters included in it.


It is also easy to play on a small screen. The adorable characters in the game can keep you hooked until the very end. This game is very similar to Crossing in a lot of ways. You get to do what you want and when you want. So, in this game, you get to fish, you get to farm, you get to invest and so much more. What makes the game so exciting is the scope for customization. In this way, you can make your game as aesthetic as you please.

Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4 is a role playing game that involves a lot of simulation. Pajama pairs, slumber parties, and bachelorettes are some of the things that make the game so interesting.


There are two protagonists in the game: male and female. You choose your gender right at the beginning of the game and use it till the end. If you are a male, your name is Lest and if you are a woman, then you are Frey. Like Harvest Moon, here too you grow crops. Here you sell your crops for gold. Also included are activities like fishing, crafting and mining. Crafting is one of the main features of the game. In fact, you will be creating all the equipment that you use.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

If you want a game that feels highly rewarding, then Yonder is just the game for you. This game involves stunning graphics and a lot of story and adventure. There is a lot of open-world adventure in the game.


This is a relaxing game and is a good choice if you are looking for something lighthearted without a lot of challenges. What makes it so similar to Animal Crossing is the cartooney feel of the game. In this game, you get to settle down in a farm. You also perform the exciting tasks of making friends with new people and even choosing your profession. You explore a lot in this game, and you build and craft a lot too. This makes it involve a lot of creativity for you.

My Time at Portia

Now, if you like games that involve a lot of town building, then My Time with Portia is just the game that you have to play.


This game has been inspired by Ghibli. So here, you get to fight, mine, cook and overall, do whatever it is that you want. You also get to meet a lot of people and this way, learn a of secrets that lie behind the town. Your main role in the game is to grow your farm. What makes this game so similar to Animal Crossing is the style of art found in it. Customization gets addicting whenever you choose to play this game. The town has a deep history, which can be seen in the graphics. This is another factor that makes the game so interesting.

Farm for Your Life

This is a game where you need to cultivate your own farm. You need to buy food, manage your restaurant and even go to the extent of having to deal with a few zombies. This game has something for everyone.


Apart from farming, you also need to defend your tower. The game requires you to rebuild your community which was once destroyed by a heavy storm. There is an apocalypse. The living dead are unleashed. Now, your task is to assure sustainable life. This game involves a lot of time management. Mazes and towers are also a part of the game. It is more of a light hearted and casual game with only a few terrifying elements. Overall, if you are looking for something that is simply fun to play, you will love this game.

Staxel – Games Like Animal Crossing

Staxel is another game that you would want to play if you like activities like farming, fishing as well as hunting. This game is for the creative and someone who likes building up things.


The cute animals in this game will keep you going until the very end. You get to follow up with a lot of characters. And the best part is that you don’t have to do everything on your own and this makes the game ideal for those who are young and starting with the world of video games. Here too, you get to meet a lot of people and live a classic village life. There is a lot of customization, objectives and a great story to get you involved in the game within a matter of minutes.

Farm Together

If you are looking for a game that involves a true farm aspect, Farm Together is just the game for you. This game can provide a child with a great escape from the everyday life of tests and other boring stuff.


Crops, buildings, plants, animals and a lot of farms are what you will come across when you go ahead and play this game. You can even get your farm and your house customized in the course of the entire game. You get a small plot of land, and what you have to do on it is to create something out of it that shows your style and personality. If this sounds interesting to you, go ahead and buy the game today. While the game mainly revolves around farms, it also involves a lot of other activities, like fishing.

Kingdom: New Lands

Another village life simulation game for you to enjoy. You are set in a medieval world. So, there is a lot of fighting and defense that is involved in this game.


At the same time, there is a lot of customization for you to enjoy. This game follows Kingdom, which was an award winning game. This game has abundant new content and is at the same time very simple. While your main job in this game is to protect your own kingdom, you also get to do exciting things like build towers. Here you explore new lands, and come across a lot of mysteries that are going to keep you hooked at every minute.

Donut County

This is a game where you meet a lot of animals who resemble humans, just as you do in Animal Crossing. There are a lot of sinkholes in the game.


What you need to do is manage these sinkholes that seem to be destroying the town. What makes this game different from all the others mentioned above is that it is more distinct and objective. Here, you don’t do what you want to and what you want. Here, you have to face an objective. But still, this game is lighthearted and a lot of fun with music and other stuff.

Which One Would You Go For?

Now that you have a good list of 20 equally engaging games, the next thing to do is buy the one that you think suits your liking best.While a lot of these games include animals that are cute and activities that are lighthearted and engaging like farming, fishing, mining and hunting, small differences can play a role in determining which game is the best choice for you.You can go ahead and read about each game to know them better before determining which one would be the best option for you.So, here’s hoping that you get the game that you love and enjoy your alternative when you are looking for a change from your favorite game Animal Crossing.

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