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Not quite a Legend.

Across several console generations dating all the way back to the original PlayStation, we’ve had several Motocross and ATV games that have been anywhere from good to great, but rarely any to really push the needle forward in ways traditional racing games have done over the years, especially recently with the Forza Horizon series. MX vs ATV has been one of the more consistent for the genre and honestly, one of the few to actually maintain a series. While each game has improved in some ways year after year, its latest entry in Legends feels more incremental than revolutionary.

I’ll stress right now that while Legends has the foundation for what could be an enjoyable off-road racing experience, my time with it has been riddled with performance issues to the point where it felt like I was playing something that was in early access or some sort of pre-release beta. Sluggish menus, volume inconsistencies, drastic difficulty spikes in its AI, to so much pop-in that I could open a bottling plant. While I am hopeful much of this is set to be addressed in some sort of day one patch, its current state is disappointing.

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When I play a game that has noticeable issues, I examine how much it affects my experience and how much can be shrugged off as I wait for it to be fixed. But every single aspect of this game is over-flowing in technical problems. Despite the simple closed stage menus, every single tab is stuttering or attempting to load vehicle models or textures, and failing each and every time. The character model for your racer and everyone else’s seems to have their animations set anywhere from 1fps to 30 if you’re lucky, while everything else is largely smooth in comparison. Seeing these stiff animations can almost look stop-motion-like, and honestly, it’s been years since I’ve seen this drastic of animation problems this noticeable. When every race started, racers would have these odd two-frame animations while we waited for the GO! to start the race. This was EVERY race.

Browsing the menus in the game to customize your racer or tune your vehicles, as I’ve mentioned before, was sluggish, with weird stuttering as models bounce to get in place for where the camera is to default to. It’s very jarring and is reliably consistent in this issue. Seriously, just load the garage and then back out; it’s painful. Browsing any of the customization options results in waiting for textures and models to load, and trying to browse options as you scroll can be a chore because of the game struggling to load anything. The previous game had all its menus staged outdoors, and this game on newer hardware can’t even do it in an enclosed space. While there are nice details like your jacket reacting to the wind, everything else about your character feels incredibly dated, especially the ragdoll effects that feel ripped out of any of this series’ previous games.

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Now, apart from the technical issues, Legends is a lot of the same as what we previously had in 2018’s MX vs ATV: All Out. There are some changes to the physics and the weight of each of your vehicle types, but more or less, this feels very similar to previous entries, especially as this is the first of the series to take advantage of the new consoles. However, for as much as my Series X is telling me that this title has been optimized for it, I don’t know exactly where. And considering the SSD drive in the Series X is incredibly fast, the load times in Legends to load up a single race is somewhere around 35-45 seconds on average with the initial load into the game being almost a minute long. And, speaking of waiting, crashing can result in inconsistent times before your racer will reset and the manual reset button is a multi-second long process of holding down the button.

While some locations are spacious and offer a nice sense of scale with a solid draw distance and some rather impressive lighting, there is still excessive pop-in that is everywhere. This varies from fans in the crowd, vegetation, and shadows, to entire mountainsides as I am racing up them. There is a noticeable visual jump in how good some locations look when compared to All Out, but it’s not “four years later and running on newer hardware” better. If this game was running on the Series X in backwards compatibility mode, I’d believe you.

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Now, all that said, is MX vs ATV Legends fun? Yes, but that does come with a few caveats. The budget price is certainly one of them, and while the MX and ATV components of the game are decent enough, the UTV addition here is the weakest part of the package by far, so much that if it wasn’t included, I’d look more favorable at what is here. While there are parts of All Out that I found more fun, not to mention its presentation is far and away better, the large checkpoint races here are super fun, and honestly, I prefer them far away more than any of the stadium races, but this comes down mostly to the game’s AI being wildly inconsistent.

At first, I started the game on normal, and for the first few races, it was fine. Then suddenly, they would out distance me to the point of nothing I did would keep me in contention. I would make sure my bike was tricked out and ready, but the next race? I would destroy them. I went back to the previous races on the easiest difficulty and somehow they were even more ruthless than before, it made no sense. I would load up one of the easiest courses on the hardest difficulty and they would collide into one another and barely put up a challenge and it was during one of these attempts that I even lapped them. While I kept most of the attempts on normal for the better part of my time with Legends, it still fluctuated greatly in whatever the AI decided to do that race.

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Legends offers up what you’d expect from another entry in the series; a Career mode where you’ll unlock more events and sponsorships as you collect fans and earn rewards such as new outfits, new bikes, parts, and more. Then there are the exhibition races to simply jump into an event, to both online and split-screen multiplayer. There is also the all-new Trails mode which sets you free on its massive courses through a series of checkpoint races. While the career mode has you taking part in several Trails maps, simply jumping into this mode is where I ended up having way more fun than anything else the game had on offer. The same can be said for its freeride mode that simply places you in its open-world locations to drive around to your heart’s content.

As you earn fans, you’ll unlock more of the Career mode and honestly, you’ll need to really dive into each vehicle type to earn enough fans to really see that mode through. This is where my time with the game faltered considerably. The MX and ATV components to the game are fine, sometimes even great, but the UTV is where I simply had to stop interacting with anything falling under that banner. The UTV feels so astonishingly weightless and just driving it around is an exercise in frustration. It felt like I was maneuvering around a balloon that would get caught on anything and everything as I attempted to smash through my opponents and never once felt the weight of doing so. While having variety is a crucial pillar to a title like this, it felt like the UTV was added in to showcase new content but lacks the work to make it fun.

While I still feel that the ATV should feel a bit more weighty when on the ground, especially after spending over 20 years of my youth riding them, I found their use in the more open courses to be damn fun, whereas I am less sold on how they handle when taking on the lap-based arenas. This is also the case with the MX bikes, although I am not too crazy about the new “refined” physics when compared to previous games. Still, while the UTV vehicles are largely a write-off, both the MX and ATV sections of this game, especially when taking on the checkpoint races, are pretty fun, if a bit basic.

Before you see any action on an MX course, the game spits you out into an open world to drive around and explore. You’ll have a few tutorials to dig into, teaching you the fundamentals, but oddly, are focused on the MX part of the game, and while there is some sharing in controls across each vehicle type, it’s an odd exclusion nonetheless. It’s here where you’ll have NPCs to talk to and earn your rewards, races to take on, and collectibles to discover. You’ll have career progress blocked until you chat with a few career-focused characters, and this will have you biking all over to engage in a few lines of dialogue. The character models are bland, their mouths don’t move when they talk, and every single interaction with them had me almost shoving my bike right up their nose to even have the dialogue prompt pop up. I think the idea of having these characters is fine enough, but the execution here just doesn’t cut it.

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Legends has an odd assortment of music ranging from punk, rock, and screamo metal that while the former does fit in with the energy of a race, the screaming metal lyrics as you’re simply out for a free ride made me mute the game’s music entirely, especially as some tracks I heard 3-4 times a row. I would say that in my entire time with Legends, I maybe heard five or six songs at most. I also had weird moments where the volume would increase as I drove up a hill and then lower as I descended. The music is also not leveled out to the same volume as some tracks were far louder than others. Overall, this is a fantastic podcast game.

MX vs ATV Legends has a good foundation for what it is aiming for, but its execution is ok at best with a wealth of technical problems that just indicate a complete lack of polish. Rider’s Republic gave me a fun and interesting open-world to tear down a mountain on a variety of fun and engaging gameplay styles, and I was really hopeful that Legends would give me that same rush. There is some promise here with its Trails mode and the world given to you, but there is very little here that All Out hasn’t already given us. The budget price of $40CAD does make it more enticing as it’s just a fraction more than All Out is currently, but isn’t a strong enough entry to entice anyone who wasn’t already going to snag this up. Legends is a small improvement in some cases but just not worthy of the name.

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Developer - Rainbow Studios. Publisher - THQ Nordic. Released - June 28th, 2022. Available On - Xbox One, Series X/S, PlayStation 4/5, Microsoft Windows. Rated - (E) Mild Lyrics. Platform Reviewed - Xbox Series X. Review Access - A review code was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.


Is MX vs ATV Legends worth buying? ›

MX vs ATV Legends is definitely an awesome dirt-racing game that is worth playing! However, if you aren't willing to put in the time to build up your skills and learn how it is best to play this game, it might not be for you.

Are there cheat codes for MX vs ATV Legends? ›

Enter “BRAPP” to unlock all bikes. Enter “COUCHES” to unlock all ATVs. Enter “WANNABE” to unlock all Pro riders. Enter “WARDROBE” to unlock all gear.

Can my PC run MX vs ATV All Out? ›

Can I Run MX vs ATV All Out? An Intel Core i5-750 CPU is required at a minimum to run MX vs ATV All Out. However, the developers recommend a CPU greater or equal to an Intel Core i5-4470S to play the game. The cheapest graphics card you can play it on is an AMD Radeon HD 6850.

Is MX vs ATV All Out 60fps? ›

It also runs at a smooth 60fps, which is the bare minimum in this day and age. It's also somewhat pretty. By that I mean that it features some gorgeous environments and lighting effects while racing in closed circuits, specifically. Every now and then, MX vs ATV Legends manages to look halfway impressive.

Are MX bikes realistic? ›

MX Bikes is a realistic motocross simulator, based on a scratch built physics engine that accurately simulates motorcycle dynamics and setup options.

Is there free roam in MX vs ATV Legends? ›

Free-roaming in MX Vs. ATV Legends is not considered to be a very enjoyable game mode. The open world a player can free roam in is very empty, and generally just does not have much to offer in terms of exploration. However, any player can use Free Roam mode in order to practice their controls.

How do you enter cheat codes on PS4? ›

Re: How do I enter cheat codes on PS4? Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 all at the same time to open the cheat codes console. Enter the cheat you want to use and press O (the circle button). Close the cheat code console with the same four buttons you used to open.

How do you unlock everything in MX vs ATV? ›

Enter "COUCHES" as a code to unlock all ATVs. Enter "WANNABE" as a code to unlock all Pro riders. Enter "WARDROBE" as a code to unlock all gear. Enter "MINIMOTO" as a code to unlock the 50cc bikes.

What is the dirt bike cheat code? ›

PS3/PS4: Circle, X, L1, Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, R1, R2, L2, L1, L1. PC: OFFROAD. Cell Phone: 1-999-633-7623.

Is quad core OK for gaming? ›

A quad core processor is good enough, but you have to have a high clock speed. Many games require over 3 ghz of cpu speed. You should rather stick to watever you have and upgrade the gpu. If you don't have 3 ghz or higher just upgrade the cpu, but stick to 4 cores.

Is it better to play on PC than console? ›

Advantages of PC gaming. PCs have different advantages, including the ability to customize your PC, create hotkeys, sharper and more lifelike visuals, superior accuracy with peripherals, and greater ability to modify games.

Is MX vs ATV Legends 2 player? ›

MX vs. ATV Legends allows players to compete against their friends in online multiplayer, two-player split-screen co-op, and cross-gen systems.

Is 4K at 60FPS better than 1080P at 60FPS? ›

If you have a Full HD screen, surely go for 1080 60FPS. If it is a 4K screen, then 4K 30FPS. But even if it is a 4K screen, I would go for the 1080P 60FPS, because an increased FPS would increase the depth of the video and a better “real” experience is guaranteed.

Is MX vs ATV Legends fun? ›

MX vs ATV Legends has a solid core. The arcade-style racing with motocross bikes and four-wheelers is fun, though repetitive over the course of the years-long career mode.

Does anything over 60 fps matter? ›

When you are playing a game, whether it's on PC or on console, the smoothness that you experience as you're moving around in-game is measured by how many frames are able to be displayed per second. The higher the FPS rate, the smoother your overall gameplay is going to be.

What is the cheapest motocross brand? ›

Yamaha is also the best value dirt bike because they're relatively inexpensive. The best cheap motocross bikes are the Yamaha YZ125 and YZ250F, but it depends on the model year that you buy.

What does MX stand for bike? ›

Acronym for bicycle motocross. A form of racing conducted on a track consisting of a start gate, several berms, and jumps & rollers. Done with bikes using 20-inch wheels.

Is MX vs ATV Legends single player? ›

This is a shame, as MX vs ATV Legends has some interesting ideas, an open world area, three distinct vehicle types and a vast single-player career.

How many tracks are in MX vs ATV Legends? ›

Game and Legal Info

"The MX vs ATV Legends Leader Pack includes the base game PLUS the season pass to all 22 tracks scheduled for release in 2022!

Do cheat codes still exist? ›

Cheat codes were often used on old-school games to get ahead, but some modern games also support cheats. Cheat codes have largely gone away in the modern gaming landscape. With the advent of online multiplayer, achievements, and trophies, getting an advantage by putting in a code seems unfair.

What is the 12 digit code on PS4? ›

Sony uses 12-digit codes to distribute prepaid access to everything from games to DLC, movies, memberships, and even PlayStation Network store credit.

How do you spawn a Lamborghini in GTA 5? ›

Note that you have to spawn this on console using the phone, there isn't a regular cheat code for it.
  1. PS3/PS4/PS5: Dial 1-999-282-2537.
  2. Xbox: Dial 1-999-282-2537.
  4. Cell Phone: 1-999-282-2537.
5 May 2022

Are there hidden vehicles in MX vs ATV All Out? ›

Sorry, no hidden vehicles. A developer of this app has indicated that this post answers the original topic.

How do you do the holeshot in MX vs ATV All Out? ›

You get a holeshot by reaching racing speed the fastest from the start . Pretty easy once you master the clutch trick you get taught in training.. Just hold LB (CLUTCH) and rev at the start with RT (accelerate) to get jump start, you should usually reach speed within a few seconds...

What is the secret game code? ›

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. It's called the Konami Code, and it often meant the difference between life and death in a video game back in the 1980s. Perform those button presses in the right sequence, and you'll unlock cheats that help you win.

What is the hardest trick in motocross? ›

Volt. Arguably the riskiest trick in FMX, the Volt see's riders do a full 360 next to their bike, catching it as they spin back around and then re-mounting from the side.

How do you spawn a jet? ›

Spawn Stunt Plane GTA 5 Cheat Demo Video
  1. Xbox 360/Xbox One: B, Right, LB, LT, Left, RB, LB, LB, Left, Left, A, Y.
  2. PS3/PS4: Circle, Right, L1, L2, Left, R1, L1, L1, Left, Left, X, Triangle.
  4. Cell Phone: 1-999-2276-78676.

How much RAM do I need for gaming? ›

16GB is the recommended amount of RAM for playing most games and will provide a noticeable increase in performance from 8GB. You will also be able to run applications in the background without affecting gameplay.

Is 4 threads enough for gaming? ›

4cores/4threads will start to exhibit stuttering in more modern games. 4cores/8threads are still swinging strong, especially if you're GPU limited by high resolution and still targeting 60 fps.

Are 2 cores enough for gaming? ›

Gaming is one of the most resource heavy tasks that you can perform on your PC. As such, dual core processors are not the most ideal CPUs for gaming. They are essentially reserved for basic PCs which are not intended to perform much heavily lifting.

Do consoles last longer than PC? ›

In the long run, yes. Computers generally last longer in terms of the software that can be run, can usually be upgraded, and with a little effort, can run games from even 40 years ago that consoles could never dream of !

What do most gamers play on? ›

52% of gamers play on their personal computers.
2. The average age of a woman gamer is 34.
  • 46% of gamers are female. ...
  • The average age of a male gamer is 32.
  • In 2019, 63% of mobile gamers are female.

Why do PC gamers think they are better? ›

Not only can most PCs perform better than any console, due to the keyboard and mouse layout they are slightly faster. Though most non professional PC gamers think they are better because a PC is just better. I've played both and never have I seen games in such clarity or high fps speeds before on a console.

Is Legends mode coop? ›

At the core of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends lies a co-operative centric experience that allows up to four players to work together to overcome a variety of story and objective based scenarios, across a handful of different game types.

Is Legends Mode co-op? ›

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is a third-person, action-adventure co-op multiplayer game in which players traverse the environment by foot or grappling hook and use close- and long-ranged combat to take down scores of enemies across various modes.

Why does 30fps look better than 60fps? ›

They contain 30 frames or 120 frames in the 120fps case. In other words, the more the merrier. The more frames per second are there, the better the quality looks; It comes in a smooth motion.

Does higher FPS means better quality? ›

Quality Of High FPS:

Higher fps options usually have lower image quality. This is due to formats being binned as well as an inability to support continuous auto focus.

Should I use 30fps or 60fps? ›

Recording at 30 fps, is, thus, sufficient for general, casual recordings, both in good-lit environments and in dim light. Recording at 60 fps gives the viewer a more immersive experience, but it's also less “cinematic”.

Is an ATV better than a dirt bike? ›

Dirt Bikes Pro: Safer than ATVs

If you're riding a 1,000-pound machine and you get into a wreck, you're more likely to die. ATVs are technically easier to ride and four wheels do offer more stability, but that's not necessarily good. Especially with new riders, ATVs grant a false sense of safety.

How many FPS do we see in real life? ›

Some experts will tell you that the human eye can see between 30 and 60 frames per second. Some maintain that it's not really possible for the human eye to perceive more than 60 frames per second.

Is it possible to run 1000 fps? ›

Yes, it is possible to reach 1000fps in ANY game, however, doing this may require some modifications of the fps limit. Almost all games, weather modern or old will have an fps cap, weather they say it or not.

Does high FPS make you a better gamer? ›

Competitive gamers and esports pros aim for the highest FPS possible to give them every competitive advantage. They need the smoothest animations, lowest latency, and the least amount of distracting effects to achieve the best results. High frame rates powered by the latest GPUs give these players the competitive edge.

Is Black Legend worth? ›

What's good about Black Legend is very good. The gloomy atmosphere and the novel turn-based combat based on 17th century medicine are well designed and smartly implemented. Everything else about this game is either bland, rough around the edges or straight up poor.

How many GB is MX vs ATV Legends? ›

Storage: 35 GB available space.

Is Legend of Kay worth it? ›

Legend of Kay Anniversary is a relatively good game, but that's all it ever is. There is nothing here that will wow newcomers of the game and I'm sure people who've played it before will find it very difficult to justify repurchasing this game.

Are Nerf legends worth? ›

Nerf Legends is a painful first-person shooter that manages to suck all of the fun out of its over-the-top plastic weapons with abysmal gunplay, tedious puzzles, tons of bugs, and a multiplayer mode that literally doesn't work at all.

Is Black Legend open world? ›

You must overcome your foes, unlock new classes and delve further into the thick, maddening fog. Black Legend is a newfangled mix of a semi-open-world map with turn-based, grid battles blended in.

What is the hardest motocross track? ›

The Erzberg Rodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble is probably the toughest and one of the most famous tracks in the world.

What was the last MX vs ATV game? ›

MX vs. ATV Legends

When did MX vs ATV Legends come out? ›

What engine does MX vs ATV Legends use? ›

The game makes use of Unreal Engine 5 to bring together one of the most detailed and immersive motocross gameplay experiences ever.


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