The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (2023)

Two of the newest features in Vampire Survivors are the ability to limit break weapons and to limit the number of weapon slots during a run. When limit breaking is turned on the player can increase the character's weapons beyond their normal limits. When a character's weapons and passive items are fully leveled, the player is given the choice between Floor Chicken (for healing), or a Coin Bag (for gold) when going up a level. With limit breaking, the player can instead improve one of the weapons beyond their normal maximum.

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Limiting weapons seems more like something to artificially increase the difficulty level - and in the middle of a run, being limited to only a couple of weapons will make things more difficult. However, when using the limit break feature it's often wise to limit weapons slots. This gives a greater chance of a specific weapon boost being offered when leveling up.

Updated on December 8, 2022, by Jeff Drake: Version 1.0 of Vampire Survivors is finally out, and with it came a wealth of new content. Some of the more interesting additions are new weapons, characters, and an arcana. These add a ton of new possible builds to the game. With the limit-breaking feature, these new weapons can be pushed to the extreme. This update will add five extra awesome limit break builds to the mix. Remember, if a build calls for a set number of weapons, it's best to limit the weapon slots to that many weapons. Otherwise, weapons not intended for the build will take up spaces when leveling up. This will decrease the efficiency of the build.

15 Great Attractor

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (1)

Some of the builds on this list take a little while before they become powerful. This build begins powerful and only gets stronger as the player gets closer to its completion. The Great Attractor uses Poe as the character. Only two weapons are used, the Garlic and the Song of Mana.

The two weapons are improved with the newest arcana introduced into the game - the Blood Astronomia. This arcana works well with the two weapons. The arcana is itself made stronger with Poe's passive bonus to the item pick-up radius. For passive items, this build uses the Attractorb, Candelabrador, Spellbinder, Pummarola, Skull O'Maniac, and Torrona's Box. This build makes the game so easy it feels like cheating; even with the Torrona's Box and Skull O'Maniac curses. This is one of the best builds in Vampire Survivors.

14 The Blender

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (2)

If this was a ranked list, the Blender build would probably be number one or two. This potent limit-break build uses the Unholy Vespers and the Phieraggi weapons. The nature of how Phieraggi evolves from two weapons, Eight the Sparrow and Phiera Der Tuphello, doesn't require this build to have three weapon slots, but it makes it much easier. Without three slots the player needs to get Eight the Sparrow and Phiera Der Tuphello first, evolve them into Phieraggi, and then get the King Bible.

To get the Phieraggi to the point it operates continually, the player will need to get the Empty Tome passive item. The third weapon slot, after Phieraggi is acquired, should be either a weapon that doesn't evolve or a weapon that evolves with a passive item the player is using. The best characters for this build are Pugnala or Dommario; they start with some of the weapons in this build, and their passive bonuses complement the build. Focus on increasing the Speed and Might of both weapons.

13 Wandtracer

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (3)

This build uses three weapons; the Magic Wand, Fire Wand, and Runetracer. The Wandtracer build is the best example of a reverse bullet hell shooter available. The point is to fill the screen with as many projectiles as possible. When this build is fully leveled there won't be a safe spot on the screen - for the enemy.

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This build uses Arca, for two reasons. The first is that his passive bonus decreases cooldown times. The second is due to his starting weapon being the Fire Wand. The passive items in this build are the Spinach, Empty Tome, Candelabrador, Armor, and Duplicator; the final item slot is free for the player to fill. This build is made even stronger with the Waltz of Pearls arcana. Focus on increasing Hellfire's Area, the Holy Wand's Amount, and the NO FUTURE's Speed and Amount.

12 Sword Of Misspell

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (4)

This build combines two of the newer weapons, the Flames of Misspell and the Victory Sword. This is one of the most difficult builds to complete, mainly due to the two weapons being among the rarer in the game. The Sword of Misspell build also requires getting Torrona's Box to level nine, so be prepared for the boost to enemy strength when that happens.

This build uses Avatar Infernus as the character. This will allow the player to start with one of the weapons and gives the player 10 extra Rerolls to try and get the Victory Sword. Have two treasure chests (that can evolve weapons) ready, and the two weapons fully leveled, when getting Torrona's Box to level nine. The Area and Might of both weapons should be given priority when limit-breaking.

11 Thunder Valkyrie

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (5)

The Thunder Valkyrie build combines the Shadow Pinion (Valkyrie Turner) and Lightning Ring weapons with the Heart of Fire and Tragic Princess arcanas. The character used in this build is either Porta or Concetta; they use the Lightning Ring and Shadow Pinion as their starting weapon (respectively).

Thunder Valkyrie uses the Duplicator, Wings, Spinach, Candelabrador, Empty Tome, and Spinach. Torrona's Box can act as a substitute for the Spinach; just don't forget to Banish it at level eight unless harder difficulty is desired. Increasing the Area and Might of both weapons should be a top priority. Overall, this build is slightly weaker against regular enemies, but better against boss creatures.

10 Maximum Hellfire

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (6)

The Fire Wand is one of the worst starting weapons in Vampire Survivors. The evolved form, Hellfire, is much better due to its ability to pierce enemies, but the cooldown time is still a problem. This build turns the Hellfire into a constant-firing weapon that will annihilate any enemy (except Death).

This build is best used with Arca. He starts with the Fire Wand and his passive bonus reduces cooldown times. Limit the weapon slot to three; two would be ideal. The second weapon should be something that directly targets enemies, like the Cross or Magic Wand. The required passive items in this build are; Empty Tome, Spellbinder, Spinach, and Duplicator. The Heart of Fire arcana works well with this build. Focus on increasing Hellfire's Amount and Area.

9 Gemini Build

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (7)

This build is built upon the Gemini arcana. This arcana gives a hidden twin weapon for Ebony Wings, Peachone, Vandalier, Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight The Sparrow, Phieraggi, Gatti Amari, and Vicious Hunger. For obvious reasons, this build uses Cosmo for the character.

There are no weapon slot limits with this build. The required passive items are Tiragisu and Stone Mask. Secondary passive items that work with this build are Empty Tome, Candelabrador, Duplicator, and Torrona's Box. Focus on increasing Vicious Hunger's Area and Phieraggi's Speed and Amount.

8 Too Much Garlic

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (8)

This build uses one weapon - Garlic. Because of this, the player is required to use Poe as the character. The Garlic weapon is a great starting weapon, but as a run progresses toward the 20-minute mark it becomes less useful. This build pushes Garlic way beyond its limits and allows it to maintain its effectiveness throughout a run.

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The goal is to get the Garlic's Area as large as possible. This requires getting the Candelabrador, Silver Ring, and Torrona's Box. The Spinach passive item is also a smart pick. Just don't forget to Banish Torrona's Box at level nine. This build is made even better with the Tragic Princess and Sarabande of Healing arcanas.

7 Bonetracer Bombs

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (9)

This is not only a highly effective build, but it's also inarguably the easiest to put together. This build uses three weapons, Runetracer, Bone, and Cherry Bomb. The characters for this build are Mortaccio, Pasqualina, and Cavallo. The merchant near the starting point of a stage has the Bone and Cherry Bomb available for purchase.

If the player chooses Pasqualina they must make sure they hold out for the Duplicator passive item. Getting the Bracer, to duplicate Pasqualina's passive bonus, is not as necessary for Mortaccio and Cavallo. When limit-breaking the weapons, Amount, Speed, and Area are the most important to improve. The Twilight Requiem arcana works well with this build.

6 Lightning Blade

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (10)

This is another build that makes use of the Tragic Princess arcana. The two weapons in this build are the Lightning Ring and Knife. Using these two weapons in conjunction with Tragic Princess allows the player to continuously move in one direction. The needed passive items are Duplicator, Bracer, and Empty Tome.

When all weapons and items are fully leveled the Thunder Loop will be almost continuously firing. Even when not in motion, and therefore not benefiting from Tragic Princess, this build is strong enough to keep the enemies away from the player.

5 Magic Moon

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (11)

This build uses two weapons and focuses on limit-breaking the Gorgeous Moon. Since this weapon has the longest cooldown time, the player's secondary weapon is the Magic Wand; this provides enough protection and offense until the Pentagram can be evolved. This forces the player to choose either Leda, Christine, or Imelda as their character.


The game is not going to give the Gorgeous Moon as a limit break option much, and the player can only increase the Amount, but this powerful weapon will eventually be activating often enough that the Holy Wand won't be needed much. The only required passive items are the Crown, Hollow Heart, and Empty Tome.

4 Blood Song

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (12)

The Whip and Song of Mana are the two weapons in this build. The Whip attacks to the left and right of the character, while the Song of Mana protects the character from enemies approaching from the top or bottom of the screen. It's not necessary to evolve the Song of Mana, but players will want to get the Hollow Heart to evolve the Whip into Bloody Tear.

This build requires the Spellbinder, Empty Tome, and Candelabrador; getting the Silver Ring and Torrona's Box doesn't hurt either. The best arcanas for this build are Slash and Sarabande of Healing.

3 Lingering Hazards

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (13)

This is a build exclusive to the secret character Marrabbio and exploits his super-slow projectile speed. The player should use three weapon slots. One of them will be used for Thousand Edge, the other two should be the Magic Wand and Cross.

Having the Cross forces the player to get the Clover passive item. The Clover also helps Thousand Edge score more critical hits, as well as helps the player get the items they want. Players should try to get the Duplicator to increase the number of projectiles meandering around the screen, but avoid any item that increases projectile speed.

2 The Overclocked Shroud

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (14)

This build uses two weapons. The primary weapon is the Crimson Shroud (Laurel); which is already a great weapon, but when limit-broken it becomes unstoppable. The secondary weapon should be something the player is comfortable using. The passive items for this build are the Spinach and Armor. The Skull O'Maniac also boosts the Crimson Shroud but is not necessary.

The Shroud limits damage done to 10 and hits nearby enemies with a retaliatory strike. By boosting the Shroud's area and Might the player can withstand anything - even Death.

1 None Shall Pass

The Best Limit Break Builds In Vampire Survivors (15)

This is absolutely one of the strongest builds in the game. The three weapons in this build are the Garlic, King Bible, and Santa Water. The King Bible is a powerful enough weapon to be used on its own, but with the Garlic and Santa Water, the player will never be touched.

When these three weapons are fully leveled and the player begins limit breaking them it creates three barriers around the character that only death will be able to successfully penetrate. The Pummarola, Spellbinder, and Attractorb passive items are necessary to this build; the player is free to fill the other three passive item slots as they wish. The Twilight Requiem arcana makes this build even stronger. Though, it's not like this build needed any additional help.

Vampire Survivors was released on December 17th, 2021, for the PC and macOS.

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