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We all need some escapism from time to time, and where better to escape to than the distant reaches of space and time? There are thousands of science fiction games available on mobile though, if only there was some way to figure out which ones are worth downloading. Hmmmm…

Wait. Wait a dang minute. That’s exactly what this list is for! We’ve selected what we think are the 15 best sci-fi games for mobile in 2020. There’s a huge mix of styles and genres, and while we don’t like to toot our own horns, we reckon there’s going to be something here for everyone.

Think we’ve missed something out? Have your own game suggestions to share? Agree with everything we’ve said? Then make sure you let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Go on, you know you want to.

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FTL: Faster Than Light

A deep and engrossing trek through the deep darkness of the universe. Every journey is different, but you’ll learn something that’ll help you get a little bit farther each time. This one is a classic, and it works brilliantly on touchscreen.

Download FTL: Faster Than Light from the App Store

Eve: Echoes

The mobile version of the legendary space-faring MMO. Choose your own path in a galaxy filled with other players. It looks gorgeous and it’s been built from the ground up to work perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Download Eve: Echoes from the App Store and Google Play Store

Iron Marines

Iron Marines mixes tower defence and RTS ideas into something really special. There are loads of missions to complete and an awesome art-style that makes the alien horrors you need to kill look amazing.

Download Iron Marines from the App Store and Google Play Store


If you’d rather explore space than blow it up, this one’s for you. Tied together with a brilliant story, Morphite sees you hopping from planet to planet on a journey of discovery. It’s big, but not so big you’re going to feel lost.

Download Morphite from the App Store and Google Play Store


Flying through the cosmos is a mixture of barking orders and disintegrating panels in this same-room multiplayer gem. You’ll laugh, you’ll scream, you’ll shake your phone like a lunatic. And you’ll have a brilliant time doing it.

Download Spaceteam from the App Store and Google Play Store


A gorgeous point-and-click adventure set in a future where there are only robots left. Follow a story without words, solve amazing puzzles and discover the meaning of life. Or the meaning of robotic life at least.

Download Machinarium from the App Store and Google Play Store

Ticket to Earth

Match-stuff puzzlers don’t come much better than this. It shakes up the genre, wraps it around a dystopian story of planet escape and creates something really special in the process. Well worth checking out.

Download Ticket to Earth from the App Store and Google Play Store

Shadowgun Legends

Blast your way through a series of challenges to become a legend. This violent FPS is dripping with content and plays slick and smooth on touchscreen. It also looks gorgeous. The sort of game you’re going to lose days of your life to.

Download Shadowgun Legends from the App Store and Google Play Store

Out There

A game that manages to be gloomy and existential and warm and funny at the same time. Trapped light years away from home, you need to traverse the universe. You’re going to die, a lot, but then you’re going to jump back in and try to get home all over again.

Download Out There from the App Store and Google Play Store

Stellaris: Galaxy Command

A massive strategy game that sees you trying to recolonize a galaxy after an interstellar war. You need to make the tough decisions to ensure that humanity survives. Perfect for anyone who likes looking at the big picture.

Download Stellaris: Galaxy Command from the App Store and the Google Play Store


Jump into the cockpit of a space fighter, fly out into space and fight aliens. This is a super polished dog fighter that harks back to classics like X-Wing vs Tie Fighter. It looks great and you can play it in portrait mode which is pretty darn cool.

Download Interloper from the App Store

Invisible, Inc

A sneaky, stealthy game of cyberpunk espionage. Head out on missions, get in and out with the secrets you need, and have a wonderful time doing it. Every time you play things are different, and you’re going to have to adapt to the agents and augments that you get.

Download Invisible, Inc from the App Store


Your ship has crashed on an uncharted world. It’s up to you to explore, craft and survive. Crashlands is a masterful mobile survival game, full of heart, humor and more than a boat load of challenge.

Download Crashlands from the App Store and Google Play Store


A super tough top-down sci-fi RPG. You’re blasting your way through a crippled spaceship, doing your best to survive against the odds. And those odds are definitely stacked against you. Which, we guess, is sort of the point.

Download Endurance from the App Store and Google Play Store

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords

One of, if not the best Star Wars games ever made. It’s a massive, engrossing RPG with one of the best stories on this list. If you’re even vaguely interested in Star Wars this is an absolute must play.

Download Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 from the App Store and Google Play Store

Star Realms

A smart CCG set in space. It’s deep in all the right ways, but you can pick it up and play without too much trouble. There aren’t that many space-based card games, but this is definitely the best of them.

Download Star Realms from the App Store and Google Play Store

Bridge Constructor Portal

The Bridge Constructor games are really good. This one adds gameplay from the Portal series and makes something brilliant. A mix of puzzles and creativity, this is a game you really need to experience.

Download Bridge Constructor Portal from the App Store and Google Play Store

Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Hacking, slashing and robots abound in this brilliant action game. It’s fast and frantic and rewards you for putting the time in to learn the moves and combos. It’s more than a button masher, and you’re going to love it.

Download Implosion – Never Lose Hope from the App Store and Google Play Store

The Talos Principle

A super smart first person puzzler that sees you trying to escape from a fiendish labyrinth. It’s going to tickle your grey matter in some lovely ways, and the story will have you pushing through to the very end.

Download The Talos Principle from the App Store and Google Play Store

Galaxy of Pen and Paper

A meta tabletop RPG that sees you travelling through space with a cast of other adventurers. It’s smart, it’s engaging and it does enough things differently to really make it stand out.

Download Galaxy of Pen and Paper from the App Store and Google Play Store

Xcom 2 Collection

One purchase gets you all of Xcom 2 – the main game, all the DLC, the whole shebang. It’s an amazing game, a bonafide classic of the turn-based tactics genre, and now you can get it on your phone or tablet. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Download Xcom 2 Collection from the App Store and Google Play Store


You’re the only lifeline of an astronaut trapped in space. This real time narrative adventure sees you replying to messages and trying to save a life. It’s smart, sometimes harrowing and different from anything you’ve played before.

Download Lifeline from the App Store and Google Play Store

Heavy Metal Thunder

A gory and grim gamebook set in deep space. You need to make the tough choices to try and survive in a dark cosmos that really wants to kill you. A brilliant way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Download Heavy Metal Thunder from the App Store

Gemini Rue

This point-and-click adventure is rightly considered by some to be one of the finest examples of the genre. There are crimes to solve in its cyberpunk-ish dystopia, and it’s up to you to do it. Once it gets its claws into you it’s hard to put down.

Download Gemini Rue from the App Store

Returner 77

If you fancy trying to unlock the secrets of an abandoned alien spaceship, then this is definitely the game for you. Explore, solve puzzles and try and figure out what on earth, or in space, is going on.

Download Returner 77 from the App Store and Google Play Store

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