Top 10 Roblox survival games  (2023)

Roblox is well-known for its horror and survival games. If gamers are looking for Roblox survival games, they may have difficulties selecting a suitable one due to the many options offered. However, they can check out the list below and start playing one of the titles right away!

Roblox is unusual because it allows anyone to build and share their games with the community. Roblox, unlike other platforms, has numerous developers and producers who create the most unique and exciting games. It allows users to play a wide range of games based on their preferences.

Ten enjoyable Roblox survival games

10) Dead Mist 2

Top 10 Roblox survival games (1)

The survival game Dead Mist 2 is set in an open universe. Players must get guns and slaughter others to obtain their treasure. They must employ tactics and approaches to become the best among all other gamers and eliminate all others.

To boost users' chances of survival, there are vast regions to explore and many horrifying locales to visit and hide from others. Stay in the shadows and attack in stealth mode.

9) Zombie Outbreak Survival!

Top 10 Roblox survival games (2)

Enter the land of zombies and other strange creatures. Players must explore and gather weapons and ammunition to battle and survive the waves of zombies. If someone wants to stay alive for a long time, they can establish a team with their pals and use tactics and strategies with their teammates.

Before the bloodthirsty zombies kill them, users must eliminate them. They may collaborate with their buddies to defeat the undead. Gamers should find and obtain new equipment to protect themselves from terrible attacks.

8) Bloodfest

Top 10 Roblox survival games (3)

The game's main objective is to survive 11 waves of terrible enemies (10 waves and a boss battle). Each player is given a P-220 and two bombs when the game begins.

The difficulty increases as the waves progress, with each wave bringing more animals and foes until the last one, which is a boss battle. If all users on the server die or the timer runs out on the last wave, the game is over.

7) Zombie Attack

Top 10 Roblox survival games (4)

Gamers must kill practically every zombie to advance to the next round of this round-based zombie survival game. One exception is that they will have to confront bosses at the end of each round who will drop keys to purchase character skins.

Zombie Attack is a fast-paced title in which new enemies appear each round and progressively get tougher. When players die, they are returned to the lobby and can respawn like zombies.

Once all of the participants die, the game ends. New maps can be chosen through voting.

6) Natural Disaster Survival

Top 10 Roblox survival games (5)

Instead of zombies and opponents, this title introduces the concept of a natural disaster that gamers must survive. It provides this game with an edge over the competition.

The challenges include catastrophic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and several other disasters. In Each round, players will be placed on a new map to survive horrific events.

This game also allows them to establish a team to boost their chances of survival by assisting each other in securely navigating these deadly events.

5) Those Who Remain

Top 10 Roblox survival games (6)

Those Who Remain is a survival game in Roblox with a zombie theme. In this game, players can choose from eight maps, including The Mill, The District, The Cargo, The Bypass, and others. It provides them with three weapons and three grenades to fight zombies.

The title contains a mission structure that sets it as unique from other zombie survival games, in addition to surviving the zombie invasion. Users must avoid and survive 15 zombie waves. It also comes with incredible weaponry, rewards, skins, and more.

4) Booga Booga

Top 10 Roblox survival games (7)

Booga Booga in Roblox is an online multiplayer game. This is a survival title set on an island.

To survive, users must organize a tribe, travel, fight, and raid other tribes for loot and strengthen themselves. They can go to many islands and gain loot along the way.

Gamers must use the vine to reach several islands, then cut it to get exclusive access to the island until it grows again. They may build tribes and defend them against raids.

Players should also examine the various islands on the map. To become stronger, they need to fight and raid other people's homes.

3) Survival: Apocalypse

Top 10 Roblox survival games (8)

Along with their companions, players must survive till the end of time. They will be dropped into the thick of a zombie apocalypse to see how long they can last. There are a lot of zombies and mutants to battle and survive against.

Users must hunt and explore the destroyed world around them to obtain the supplies they need to stay alive, as well as weapons to kill the zombies. They must explore and gather the resources they'll need to stay alive.

2) Blacklands

Top 10 Roblox survival games (9)

Welcome to the dangerous Blacklands. Surviving and defending themselves from Bandits and Radiation might be challenging. Players should explore the island and grab the wealth as quickly as possible to prevent getting murdered.

The best way to live on this island is to form a group of friends and collaborate. Battle royale and arcade are the two game modes available, which is precisely why it is considered one of Roblox's best survival games.

1) State of Anarchy

Top 10 Roblox survival games (10)

With a variety of maps, there is so much to discover and explore. Gamers may find hamlets, military installations, metro stations, jewelry stores, and much more here.

There are also a variety of unusual firearms scattered throughout the map.

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