Wolfenstein: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About BJ Blazkowicz (2023)

TheWolfenstein games have long been major titles in the first person shooter genre, helping to define the video game industry and influencing numerous other games. Recently, the series has been rebooted with MachineGames'The New Order andThe New Colossus. Several elements of the game have changed, including the story, the time setting, and the overall tone of the games. What hasn't changed, though, is that the hero of the new games is still William "BJ" Blazkowicz.

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As one of the OG game protagonists, BJ Blazkowicz has come a long way since he was just a stand-in for the player. Starting as a simple soldier who was present as little more than a vehicle to shoot Nazis, he's grown into a fascinating character in his own right. Let's take a look at 10 things you didn't know about BJ Blazkowicz.

10 PolishLineage

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The invasion of Poland in 1939 was the event that truly kicked off Word War II. Beginning in September and continuing for several months, both Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland, annexing its territory, and laying the groundwork for the Holocaust.

BJ Blazkowicz has always been an American citizen in the game's canon, and specifically a Texas citizen in the rebooted series. However, he is also a third generation Polish, as his grandparents were immigrants who arrived in America years before. This connection surely made his fight against the Nazis all the more personal

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9 Jewish Heritage

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The defining tragedy of Word War II was undoubtedly the Holocaust. The systematic killing of over 11 million people primarily targeted the Jewish, but also included anyone who didn't fit the mold of an "ideal Aryan," such as the Roma, gay people, the disabled, and political enemies.

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In addition to his Polish lineage, BJ Blazkowicz is also Jewish. While it's not clear if he's still practicing the religion, since his mother was in fact Jewish herself, tradition holds that he is still considered Jewish. This gives him yet another reason to take the fight to the Nazis, making it even more personal.

8 Abusive Childhood

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, BJ's childhood was not easy. He did not grow up in affluence or wealth, but instead lived on a ranch with his parents. His father was a schemer and a con artist, always trying to lay another plan or venture that never panned out.

Something that is briefly touched on in the games is BJ's father's abusiveness. This abuse was routine, as his father would hurt him, his mother, and his dog whenever a scheme fell through. This abuse actually shaped BJ into someone who rebelled against overbearing authority, such as the fascist Nazi order.

7 Adventurous Youth

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BJ has never been one to sit still, even as a child. His youth consisted of numerous adventures and escapades, despite or perhaps because of the warnings of his father. These orders and instructions did nothing, as BJ continued to defy his father.

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His adventures included swimming through the Gulf during Red Tide, which caused burning sensations all over his skin. He also swam the distance of Forney Lake as part of a dare, and also once fell into a pond full of leeches. No matter the age, BJ has always faced challenges head on.

6 Ran Away From Home

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Once BJ was old enough, he joined the Army in order to fight against the Nazi regime. This wasn't as simple as just leaving home, though. BJ had neither of his parents' blessings when he left, running away from the only home he'd known.

His father disapproved, of course, due to his abusive and controlling nature. His mother, on the other hand, was heartbroken that her only son had left and was traveling down a dark and dangerous path. Regardless, BJ felt the duty to do something about the German threat and left to fulfill that obligation.

5 Multilingual

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BJ Blazkowicz has many skills that he's picked up throughout the years, several of which come into play during the games. His proficiency with weapons is notable, as he often wields multiple guns and other devices of destruction. One lesser known skill is his multilingualism.

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He is, of course, fluent in English as it is his native tongue. He is also proficient with German, although his accent is atrocious. His other language is Polish, which he seems to be relatively fluent in, speaking with several characters throughout the series in this tongue.

4 Recruited To The OSA

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Although BJ began his military career as just another ordinary service member, he did not remain that way for long. He began in boot camp, where he learned critical skills and knowledge. It was here that he picked up the strategy of striking at Nazi commanders first, before they had a chance to call in reinforcements.

BJ's skill would soon be recognized, and he was recruited to join the Office of Secret Actions, a group dedicated to gathering intel on Nazi actions in order to intervene and disrupt their plots.

3 Meeting Fergus Reid

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While working as a part of the OSA, BJ Blazkowicz would meet many people and new allies. One such individual was Wing Commander Fergus Reid, a character who later appears inThe New Order and (depending on players' choices)The New Colossus.

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BJ and Fergus worked well together, and the two became friends in addition to comrades in arms. It was Fergus who gave BJ the nickname "Blazko," derived from his last name. Their bond was strong, and they went on numerous successful missions together in the events leading up to the assault on Deathshead's compound at the beginning of the rebooted series.

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2 Top Physical Training

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Like all video game protagonists, BJ Blazkowicz can do some pretty spectacular things that may be considered improbable at best. This includes getting shot multiple times, only to shrug it off the moment his find a medkit as well as his startling proficiency with firearms, to the point where he can take down whole compounds single handedly.

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The in-game reason for this is that BJ is at the peak of the human physical condition, having trained relentlessly to get where he is. His skill and abilities are tantamount to none, and he has absolutely earned the nickname given to him by German soldiers: Terror Billy.

1 Almost Killed Hitler

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Finally, the last thing you may not know about BJ Blazkowicz is that he very nearly killed Hitler. This happened before the events ofThe New Colossus where players get a chance to kill theFuhrer on Venus of all places, and in fact happened before the beginning of the rebooted series itself.

Sadly, BJ's attempt on Hitler's life was ultimately unsuccessful. The details of what happened next are somewhat foggy. The Reich claimed that BJ was captured and hanged to death, although clearly this is not the case. BJ may have escaped his execution, or he may have simply escaped, full stop. Regardless, he came very close to eliminating one of the worst monsters ever to walk the face of the Earth.

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